Whitstable, A Seaside Town 1 Hour from London, Our Top Sites to See

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*This is a updated post from March 2017, part of my TBT collection since going self hosted*

“Do you want to go to the seaside? 

I’m not trying to say that everybody wants to go 

I fell in love at the seaside”

The Kooks

This year I somehow had an extra few days left on my annual leave. With less than a week’s notice I contacted my sister in Hull to see if she wanted to come see her big sis! A plan was hatched and she came down to me for 4 days.

Back in January we got a new car! Since then we have been dying to get on the road for longer than 20 minutes and out to the seaside! What more off an excuse did we need……

We have been to Brighton, Hastings and South End back when we had our old car, so this time we wanted to get out to Whitstable! With no S….

The drive was pretty much the hour with not to may twists and turns. We set of bright and early to make the most of the day.

Road Map to Whitstable

Arriving into the town it looks a picture. It had a boho feel to it and you drive through a few streets before you get the long-awaited view of the sea.

We parked up and set out on foot to find whatever we could. We hadn’t done much research on the town but had been told by a number of people it was a lovely spot.

Whitstable Castle

Whitstable Castle

Pretty grounds with a cafe on site. They also had a playground for kids. We started here and exited out the back onto the sea front.

The Sea Front

Whitstable Sea Front

They had so many pretty sheds along the sea front. All in different colours and sweet nautical names! The beach is shingle with barriers up every couple of meters. It was windy for us but so refreshing. Nice salted hair for the rest of the day.

The Harbour

Whitstable Harbour

Boats moored up and fishing nets and tools all over the place. They also had a fish shop here with fresh caught goodies! The people on site were cutting up everything in front of you which is so nice to see.

The Market Sheds

Whitstable Market Sheds

As the season has not yet fully started there weren’t that many open. One did have a giant game of thrones style chair made from driftwood! Couldn’t resist getting into it! They had bunting and lots of artists with different styles of art and crafts. I love browsing these kinds of places. Great place to get the creative juices flowing!

The Famous Oysters

Whitstable Oysters

We made a couple of stops to feast on these bad boys. I’m not a big fan but herself said they were the best she’s had yet! All cut open there and then for you! The shells are also kept and put back on the shore….

The Main Stripe

Whitstable Main Street

It was a lot bigger than I was expecting. It had cute and quant shops & cafes, farm shops, an epic butchers and a fabric shop that they made me leave all to early!

We got a great day for it, no rain in sight and fresh sea winds. In the summer months I’d say this place is paradise. We all said we would love to return in high season.

We munched and snacked here and decided to keep going further along the coast seeing as we were out that way.

Herne Bay

We stopped off at Herne Bay for the pier, the amusements, crazy golf and ice cream!

Herne Bay

We passed through Margate. The season seemed to be a way off here at this time of the year so we kept going onto Ramsgate. Himself thought it best to follow the signs… This didn’t last long and the sat nav came back on sharpish 🙂


This town was bigger than Whitstable and had more of a buzz to it on the day we were there. The seafront and prom here is longer and currently being done up in preparation for the summer months.

It was getting later in the day and we were starved! We found Miles on the seafront which was perfect for food and a hot chocolate! We spent longer in here than we thought, tired from our walking and simply enjoying our sea view. By the time we had recovered from food sweats it was close to sunset.


We strolled back towards the car and promised to return to take in the town more. It had a cliff edge walk and a main strip we completely missed out on.

All in all, a great day out, only 1 hour from London and the perfect de-stresser from the hustle and bustle of the busy capital.

If anyone has any recommendations for other seaside towns that are a must see do let us know! Now the season is fast approaching we are hoping to get out at least once a month!!! If only for the fish and chip supper 🙂


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