What’s in my Make Up Bag…….

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Hey….. 🙂

This week I wanted to do a post on what’s in my make up bag. Now when I say make up bag I really mean the counter top in my room. I’m not that person who can flawlessly apply my makeup on the go. Power to ya if that’s you! Proud of ya 🙂

My daily routine includes a face of make up each morning. I am one of those girls who won’t voluntarily leave the house with out my face on.

There’s a few reason for this. Not that I have to justify myself or anything…..


  1. I have rosy checks. Not cute ones, like the ones you’d like to have. But red & patchy, dotted with freckles. Call me out or embarrass the hell out of me and I blow up! Massively. They are not my favourite feature by a long shot. Would I want them removed? NO. They link me to my mom and my sister and when I’m down or homesick, I see them in my checks and they do give me comfort when I need it.
  2. Without make up, I don’t feel as confident. Putting on my face each day is exactly like putting on my mask each day. It gives me the confidence I need to kick ass and take numbers. Without it, I don’t think I could be my best Beyonce 🙂
  3. I like the routine, the step by step setup. Starting my day of like this focuses me and gets me ready. Leaving the house without it leaves me flustered.
  4. Its my 10 minutes of me time every day! Why would I want to lose that???

So here goes!

In my previous blog, All About The Face, I go through my daily skin care regime. Quick recap – Cleanse, Tone and Moisture.


I need a full coverage foundation. Many claim to be full coverage but let me tell ya….. Things are not always what they seem to be. Over the years I’ve tried and tested far more foundations than I’d like to admit. I’ve spent pennies on them, tonnes on them and always come back to the same one! Nothing gives good face like Estee Lauder Double Wear.

Colour: 2C3 Fresco. £31.00

Find it here….

**** Side Note: The pump for this I got from Mac here. It’s been a game changer! Before when I free poured I always had access product. Now, not so much! I did have to snip the end a little to fit in the Double Wear bottle but it’s a perfect fit otherwise!


I set my foundation with Mac Studio Fix. This duo is one I have used for yonks. Another high coverage product! But with both in play…… world domination! Easy peasy. Also the joy of these two products means I don’t have to touch my make up for the rest of the day. When I’ve needed it they have also lasted me right through the night without top up #winningcombo

Colour: NW30 £23.50

Find it here…


Now I don’t need to paint my shame on…… But……. I do love a bit of blush. The one I use is Mac.

Colour: Pinch Me £19.50

Find it here….


With the above products being on the pricey side and mascara not being to high a priority for me, I always pick one up that’s cheap and cheerful. Normally the one on sale. I have small eyes so I always look for a small brush to make getting each lash easier. The one I’m currently using is grand, it does the job…… Should properly get more into it but hey ho………

Colour: Extreme Black £4.99

Find it here….

Eye Brow Pencil

This is a new addition to my routine and boy am I raging I haven’t been using it all along! Brush out the brows, fill them in and boom, ready to rock! This is the only brow product I’ve used. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

Colour: Brown £2.79

Find it here….


I’m a lippy whore….. There, I said it….. Judge me all you want. Below are my favourites this time of year!


Once all this is done, I’m set! If I’m heading out on the town I’ll apply eye make and possibly a primer. It takes me more than 5 minutes but less than 10…… I am in no way a professional or claiming I know it all… I just know my face! It’s the only canvas I’ve ever got to work on 🙂

If you have similar checks to me and have a good full coverage foundations you can recommend do get in touch!! I’m always up for testing out new foundations! Also anyone with any tips you think would work well for me, comment me below!

What’s in your make up bag??


Mrs S.



13 thoughts on “What’s in my Make Up Bag…….

    1. Hey!! Thanks so much for stopping by! I also love these kind of things which is why I did one! I had loads of fun writing this so may do any other for my handbag 😂 Glad you liked xx

        1. AHHHHH!!! Just seen the ping back and the nomination!!! THANK YOU so much!! I go from having none and to having 2! Major warm fuzzy feelings and a helluva lot of love being sent your way! Will do soon! Thank you xxxxx

  1. Welcome to the lippy whore club ! Hahah
    MAC Twig is definitely one of my favorites, and probably the one I wear the most ! Great post girl 🖤

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