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Its February Already!!! How did that happen……. This year, like every year I sat down in Early January and made a list of “resolutions” I was going to work towards this year. Most of them are by the way side now but one in particular has stuck like bubble gum….And I’m chuffed with it!

Which one you may ask…… Meal Planning!


A few reasons for this was:

  • I wanted to be more prepared with my food, in the hope that I would eat better
  • I DO NOT like throwing out food, it is a major pet peeve
  • We both work long hours and half the battle of cooking dinner is knowing what to cook!
  • I wanted to get more adventurous in the kitchen and learn some new recipes
  • Get my food bill down in ££

With that in mind I looked through Pinterest (where else) looking for things that could help me get started on this. The link below is what I found and has helped enormously.

Meal Plan printable

Every Sunday we now both sit down and decide what goes in each box. We pick meals we both like and a meal we have never tried before. I write out the recipes and put it in a folder so we have them. This is a huge help as whoever gets home first knows what to do! Handy right?!?! We then do a food shop of what we need to make those meals and not much else.

Our food shop has reduced slightly, not majorly, YET! I am still trying to get more creative on this front. If anyone has any tips or suggested readings on this I would love if you could share. A lot of random / unneccessary buys have now been removed from our shopping trolley.

I have yet to throw anything out this year, very happy with this one! And more importantly we are finding new meals every week. Pinterest has been great for this I’ve been filling up my food board a lot more these days – Mrs S’s Food Board The Chicken Katsu one has been a firm favourite as well as Pho!

With this resolution, I’m not inventing the wheel or anything like that, but it has made a huge difference to our weekly routine as well as our shopping habits. A good difference. One I hope to keep up. For the sake of 10 / 15 minutes on a weekend day, planning has never been easier for us. It even makes the kitchen look more organised…. Always a plus 🙂


I do love a free printable, also used one for our calender this year to, well handy and FREE!

I would highly recomend this to anyone with a busy scheldue and a lot of things going on for them. It’s also helped with my weight loss as each morning I get excited about dinner and try not to ruin it with snacking. It also helps me know how many smart points I’ll be using for dinner, planning my other meals accordingly. Win Win in my book!

Happy Planning 😉


Mrs S.



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