Wedding Thank You Cards….. To Do or not To do……

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So last weekend we got these bad boys done. Our last official wedding job 🙁


I have been putting it off for ages now as I just didn’t want to close that final chapter! Etiquette calls though and as our 3 month anniversary is creeping up on us, I was starting to get anxious about them!

The timings on when to send out your thank you cards varies. If you google it, a number of different things come up.

Do them immediately……. Within 3 months…….. Some even say to get cracking on them before the day!

In hindsight, I probably would have done them within a month of the wedding as we didn’t go on honeymoon straight away. I’ve had them on my to-do list since we got back from Ireland in early January… I hate having un-ticked boxes on my list! Honestly, it’s though, whatever works for you!

Some people also opt out of this. When faced with the ££ of it, I can see why!

We also got our professional photos back recently; they were the final nail in the coffin to get going. We also wanted to use these photos for the card itself.


I was not up for anymore wedding DIY, so doing a collage with our pictures was the best of both, I thought. Looking online for a bargain, I found Optimal Print.

At the time of ordering the cards they had a 50% discount code on for their card range! See!!! If that wasn’t a sign I don’t know what is! Vistaprint and Moon Pig are other sites that were suggested to me, but with 50% discount, it was a no brainer. DO price compare as many sites as you can. Anyone who is or has planned a wedding knows just how magical that word can be when it comes to price hikes.

We messed about with formats, picture sizes & card shapes and finally found one we both agreed on. I’m lucky enough to have found a husband who learned early on that “Yes Love” is all that is needed from his end 🙂

We had 100 guests on the day and wanted to send some to our vendors. They come in packs of 50 so we ordered 150. The best bit with these guys to is that they come with an envelope to, handy! Sticky ones at that, a God send when doing that many let me tell ya!


Price wise, with the discount, this cost us:

150 Wedding (incl. white envelopes)

Small / A6 (14.8 x 10.5 cm) – Folded £187.50

Signature Glossy Cardstock £51.76

Products: £239.26

Discount: -£119.63

Postage & Packaging: £3.97

Order Total: £123.60

Incl. VAT: £20.60

Yep, we went with the gloss, in black and white. We thought it made them look and feel more professional.


Himself is über sophisticated with Excel and from the planning stages of the wedding logged everything on a spreadsheet. By being this organised we had the bulk of addresses saved from our invitation roll out. We only needed a few more to update the list. We also cross checked this list with all the cards we had received. We would have missed people had we not done this, people who were not able to attend on the day still sent us best wishes…. They deserve a card too 🙂

We sat down together and wrote them out. I opted for a blank card inside so we could personalise each one. (No difference to the price for this) In hindsight, it may have been a better option to have something pre-written on them. Something like a generic message that you can then add your own handwritten message around. On most of them we went with “Many thanks for sharing our special day, it meant the world having you there with us. Also for your kind and generous gift”. Followed by something unique for each one. Think ahead people, save your wrists the heart ache. If I had it over again, I would……

Blank Inside, lesson learned….

All set, written out, spell checked, addressed and separated into neat little piles, I hit the post office.

Our piles looked like this…..

Method to the madness…..

We had 2 large envelopes for the each set of folks. Theirs and the one’s they wanted to hand deliver themselves (Code for the people who didn’t get back to us in time).

47 envelopes for Ireland, 2 for Holland, 2 for Australia, 1 for Canada, 1 for Sweden and 1 for Florida.

The chap who served me knew the score…. So, these are to do with a wedding I take it….. Nothing was getting past him!

Want to guess the price???


Back to my earlier point, some people opt out of this, yeeeeeeeeeee…..

I think my generation would be ok with it, but not our parents. They’re both old school and have a certain way of doing things. To be far, I like the idea of thanking everyone personally with a card. On the day we felt so loved we really wanted to repay the feeling. Plus it’s nice getting something in the post that’s not a bill…….

We could have ordered less than 150 but we needed more than 100. If you want to cut the cost down, maybe look for a site that lets you pick a specific number (include a few for typos though!! We lost 5 in combat) We have around 20 left over. You never know if you need a last-minute one…..

I also opted for 1st class stamps, 2nd class could have been used.

All in all, I’m happy how they turned out and delighted their off my to-do list! Saying so long to the last wedding job was bitter-sweet though…..

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What do you think, To do them or not to do them?!?!


Mrs. S.



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