Wedding Thank You Cards & how Much They Actually Cost

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I Thank You for Your Part in My Journey – Unknown

Wedding Thank You Cards…..

The timings on when to send out your Wedding Thank You Cards varies. If you google it, a number of different things come up. Do them immediately……. Within 3 months…….. Some even say to get cracking on them before the day! We did them just shy of the 3 month mark.

 I had them on my to-do list since we got back from Ireland in early January… I hate having un-ticked boxes on my list! Honestly, it’s tough, do whatever works for you!

Some people also opt out of this. When faced with the ££ of it, I can see why!

We used the photos from our professional to make the cards so when we got these back they where the nudge we needed.


I was not up for anymore wedding DIY, so doing a collage with our pictures was the best of both was what we did. Looking online for a bargain, I found Optimal Print.

At the time of ordering the cards they had a 50% discount code promo running! See!!! If that wasn’t a sign I don’t know what is!


Vistaprint and Moon Pig are other sites that were suggested to me, but with a 50% discount, it was a no brainer.

DO price compare as many sites as you can. Anyone who is or has planned a wedding knows just how magical that word can be when it comes to price hikes.

We messed about with formats, picture sizes & card shapes and finally found one we both agreed on. I’m lucky enough to have found a husband who learned early on that “Yes Love” is all that is needed for his input.


We had 100 guests on the day and wanted to send some to our vendors. They come in packs of 50 so we ordered 150. The best bit with these guys to is that they include envelopes!

Price wise, with the discount, they cost us:

  • 150 Wedding (incl. white envelopes)
  • Small / A6 (14.8 x 10.5 cm) – Folded £187.50
  • Signature Glossy Cardstock £51.76
  • Products: £239.26
  • Discount: £119.63
  • Postage & Packaging: £3.97
  • Order Total: £123.60
  • Incl. VAT: £20.60

Himself is uber sophisticated with Excel and from the planning stages of the wedding logged everything on a spreadsheet. By being this organised we had the bulk of addresses saved from our invitation roll out. We also cross checked this list with all the cards we had received. People would have been missed had we not done this, people who were not able to attend on the day still sent us best wishes.


We sat down together and wrote them out. I opted for a blank card inside so we could personalise each one. (No difference to the price for this) In hindsight, it may have been a better option to have something pre-written on them. Something like a generic message that you can then add your own handwritten message around. On most of them we went with Many thanks for sharing our special day, it meant the world having you there with us. Also for your kind and generous gift. Followed by something unique for each one. Think ahead people, save your wrists the heart ache. If I had it over again…..

All set, written out, spell checked, addressed and separated into neat little piles, I hit the post office.

  • 47 envelopes for Ireland
  • A couple for Holland
  • A few for Australia
  • One for Canada
  • 1 for Sweden
  • And 1 for Florida

The chap who served me knew the score. “So, these are to do with a wedding I take it..” Nothing was getting past him!

Want to guess the price???


Back to my earlier point, some people opt out of this, YEP a grand total of £197.55

We have been to a number of weddings in the last few years and it really is 50/50, some couples do and some couples don’t. Each to their own! To be far, I liked the idea of thanking everyone personally with a card. On the day we felt so loved we really wanted to repay that feeling. Plus it’s nice getting something in the post that’s not a bill.

Ways to cut the Expense

  • Look for a site that lets you pick a specific number so no excess is needed (include a few for typos though!! We lost 5 in combat)
  • Opt for 2nd class stamps
  • Make the cards yourselves at home with any left over crafts still hanging about
  • Postcards!
  • Send one card per family instead of per couple
  • Hand Deliver them all if possible

All in all, I’m happy how they turned out and delighted we did them! We got a really good reaction to them and my vote would be to do them!


What do you think, have you done them or would you do them if you get married?


13 thoughts on “Wedding Thank You Cards & how Much They Actually Cost

  1. I love your thank you cards! They look gorgeous 😄 We never did them for our wedding. But because we had a small wedding, we were able to talk to all our guests on the day and thank then for coming there and then 🙂

    1. Awww thanks!! 🙂
      I completely get that!! Plus small intimate weddings are fab for talking and moving around your guests! I think the concept of the cards now are less stringent than before. Its ok now to do them OR to leave them and I like how its much more relaxed in comparison to my parents generation. I would also say that applys to multiple wedding traditions and concepts! What do you think? xx

  2. I love the idea of these Thank You cards! I’m such a stationary, thank you card kind of gal that I can’t wait to get married so I can send out loads of hand written thank you notes! I love the idea of including pictures from your wedding, it’s such a great way to include memories! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I love a good stationary haul! I knew I wanted to do them from very early on and that I wanted to use pictures for them! Oh your gonna love planning a wedding, save the dates, invitations, thank you cards, place cards… seriously I was in my element!! xx

  3. That’s a very sweet and personal gesture.
    I always appreciate a personalized card, and to me it would be a great memory to treasure, especially with those beautiful photos on the front.
    Isn’t it 3 months too long to wait though? Isn’t it better to do it a few weeks after, when everything is still ‘fresh’? xx

    1. Aww thanks!! We where so happy with them! It really is up to the couple. We had to wait 2 months for our final batch of photos to come back from the photographer so we wanted to see all the pictures before using them. If we wanted ones with no pictures we could have done it sooner…. I suppose you just have to decide which type of card you want… xxx

  4. We definitely tried to do thank you cards ASAP and we also wrote each card out personally because I love that personal touch. Looking back I think a pre-printed message on the card would have been smart, but too late for that now haha!

    1. I gave us 3 months! That was the time frame, I was pretty strict on it! We did the hand written for all and it was tough!! If I was to do anything like it again I’d get a message done for sure!! Did your guests like yours?? What style did you go with? xx

      1. We got some pretty floral type ones and they really did seem to enjoy them! I wish we had broken up the actually writing because after a few I feel like we ran out of things to say. It was also difficult if you didn’t know the person too well…shmurp!

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