Wedding Flowers – 8 Tip’s from one Bride to another! πŸ’

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Last weekend we met up in Hull with my folks. As the drove over they were able to bring over things we had to leave behind after the wedding. One of the things they brought was my wedding bouquet!! I have been dying to get these bad boys back in my life!

Anyone any thoughts on what I can do with them to keep them going…. you know… like forever πŸ™‚

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I LOVED our wedding flowers. They were soft and delicate and just perfect!

I knew I wanted fresh flowers on the day and that fake were not going to cut it. I also knew I didn’t want to sink a huge chunk of our budget into them! They can get so expensive. As we’ve learned anything with wedding attached to it hikes the price up!!


My lovely mother in law has great green fingers and had kindly agreed to help us in this task!

I got together pictures, themes and colours to show her what we wanted and get some ideas flowing! One major tip that she drilled in was that whatever was NOT in season needed to be axed! If it’s in season it’s cheaper than sourcing flowers not in season!


A few of my beautiful brides who had gone before me also mentioned flowers they had that either fell apart or that didn’t live up to their hopes on the day. This really helped!! Roses were a big no from all of them. Anything with open petals look amazing in vases but when tossed around all day look dreadful come the after party!


So, here’s a list of all the tips i can offer any bride to be on choosing flowers for your big day!

  1. Know what you want! Or at least have a very good idea. Once you get into the florists they have so many shades and variety it sends you into a tailspin! My best friend for this wasΒ Pinterest
  2. Decide if real or fake is your thing! Everyone is different and both options are perfectly good depending on what you want out of your flowers. Fake can be cheaper and they are beautiful keepsakes. For me, I love fresh flowers and this was my choice. The choice is yours! If fake is your descision, Etsy have some stunning ones like this one here.
  3. Go straight to the source! Flower markets have loads of florists on site to help you create your master pieces! We found it way cheaper than high street florists and much more up for doing our thing, not what they thought was best! We used the Dublin one hereΒ and they were amazing!! They also did our mother’s bouquets to which were so beautiful!! Flower wholesalers can be found in lots of major towns, check to see if there is one near you!
  4. Pick what’s is season! This will help cost! Find out more on that here.
  5. Know your budget! And explain that to the florist. Be stern on not over spending. If they know what you have to spend they’ll show you what you can have instead of everything you can’t!
  6. Be up for tweaking. Pinterest show you amazing bouquets but realistically how much did that cost?! Flowers are pretty by themselves and a good florist can make them look even better
  7. Ask people for there advise. Some people have a thing for flowers and can make your life easier and help out, like my mother in law! If someone knows a lot about them and what works, use their knowledge to your advantage πŸ™‚ Also, brides who had gone before me had loads of things they didn’t like about their flowers, this really helped me know what to avoid!
  8. Recycle!! Bear with me here. We had a church wedding which needed flowers and then the reception room which needed flowers. We made up flowers for the church and then moved them over to the reception after to get more mileage out of them!


Hopefully these tips help you out in some way while planning your flowers for your big day! We had so much fun getting this part of the wedding sorted!

If you have any questions on wedding flowers, please feel free to get in touch!

Lots of Love…..

Mrs. S.



18 thoughts on “Wedding Flowers – 8 Tip’s from one Bride to another! πŸ’

  1. Your wedding flowers are so beautiful!! I’ll definitely remember these tips for my wedding (which is probably going to be a very long way in the future πŸ˜‚) Great blog post!!

  2. Thank you!! They held up a treat. I have them still all dried out! If you need more wedding tips when the time comes along look me up! Anything to walk down memory lane πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by xx

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by! My photographer on the day was a superstar and got the best pics ever! No filter needed πŸ™‚

      It can get very out of hand the spending on weddings. Its really hard to curtail it. People really do hop on the bandwagon and hike prices when they hear bride….. Majorly unfair! Being thrifty and shopping around pays of for sure!!

      Thanks for stopping by xxxx

        1. Please tell me your messing?!?!?!? Holy sΒ£*t balls………
          Lower side? Hand me a fan……..
          I’m a margin hunter, that kind of money would really leave me with sleepless nights…….
          I can see it happening though….
          Currently sitting here thinking what I’d spend that kinda money on….. Having a great time πŸ˜‚ xx

    1. Hey!! Thanks for stopping by!! Nice to e-meet you!! 😘Glad you enjoyed them!

      One of the main reasons why I wanted to pass on my tips and lessons learned from planning a wedding was i couldn’t find many honest, non paid ones when i was looking myself! I wanted to share the good and the bad and give honest feedback! Not every one has people who have gone before them to learn from. We were lucky we have 3 couples to interrogate πŸ™‚ Glad you found the useful

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