Your Wedding Cake…. My Top Tips on the Cake of ALL Cakes.

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A party without a cake is just a meeting – Julia Child

My Wedding Cake was the absolute show stopper. I knew I wanted a big cake that was pretty impressive and I knew I wanted it to be eaten and enjoyed. Being surrounded by cakes constantly I wanted mine to be ME. Exactly as I planned it to be and a little different…

My Mom makes cakes and has done since we where little. With this in mind she was my first port of call. I tested the waters to see what she thought and if she would even want to make my cake. It’s a huge amount of pressure and with her being the Mother of the Bride I didn’t want extra stress added. **** I’m a little fussy and very well versed in telling you what I like and what I don’t.

Mom being Mom said “It took you long enough, I have turned down Wedding Cakes as my first one will be your’s! Now what’s the plan” And that as they say was that….. Idea’s came from everywhere and anywhere. I saved a few in my Wedding Board on Pinterest if you fancy a nose…..

Mom finally mentioned a bark like style icing with our initials inside and himself LOVED it. We then kept adding to this style and eventually our Ferrero Rocher Masterpiece was the design we all fell for.

This bad boy was being eaten on the day with not a scrap being wasted. No way was Mom working her ass off to get this done for it to be wasted. We spoke with our venue and asked them to scrap our dessert option and replace it with our Wedding Cake! *** Instant Savings on the Food Bill 🙂

My sister and maid of honour being her natural self… What if I don’t want cake……. Ok fine maybe not everyone will like cake and as we had options for every other meal choice we felt we couldn’t let the side down. We needed a savoury dessert option…. My family is split down the middle when it comes to after dinner treats. We wanted everyone happy!

What makes people more happy than 2 cakes?? One made out of chocolate and one made out of cheese!

Our Cheese Cake ended up being my sister’s gift to us on the day. She made this for us! What a lucky duck I am having all these chefs around me 🙂 She priced up ready-made cakes and was so surprised at the price her reaction was I’ll just do it myself… At Christmas time Cheese is everywhere! All the decor was fresh seasonal fruits and bam!!! A second masterpiece was in play!

Seriously people! Wedding’s are crazy! People hear Wedding and see $$$$ If you learn anything from my Wedding Post’s it’s to Haggle! Shop around! And if something looks easy to recreate yourself, give it a go!

Getting both cakes ready for the big day may have been extra stress added at an already stressful time BUT we had a plan and we stuck to it. Timings where calculated and our venue had quite a big fridge they where happy to lend us to make sure they both stayed at the temperatures they needed to be. Both cakes where on site the day before and ready to go. I’d do it all again in a heart beat! It was so much fun making these cakes together, knowing what they where for and that when they where to be cut up I would be a married lady!

They turned out 100 times better than I imagined and I was so proud of my two main ladies making them for our special day. It added that extra touch for me!


So, without further ado……

My Top Tips On Picking Your Wedding Cake

  1. Decide if you want to eat your wedding cake as dessert or if it will be just another decoration.
  2. See if anyone you know is a cake master…. Not the packet kind, the one who will pass as semi professional kind.
  3. How far does this cake have to go, who will be eating it, how many does it need to feed.
  4. Sweet, Savoury or Both? These days anything goes.
  5. Reign in your artistic flare… All singing, all dancing cakes cost the earth. Be realistic. Communicate with your baker and make sure they are aware of your vision, your budget and your over all theme.
  6. Do you want tiers, cupcake towers, naked, traditional. What’s your kinda cake? Hit Pinterest and start liking what grabs your attention. Common denominators will shine through.
  7. Decide how much of a priority you want your cake to be. Some people are all about the cake, some aren’t.
  8. Will it be the main focal point or will there be other items alongside it like a sweet counter….
  9. What will the weather be like on the day? High temps will lead to melting masses…
  10. Finally, get him involved. It is after all his cake to!

I hope these tips help with your cake hunting!! Enjoy every minute of it 🙂

Lots of Love,

Mrs S.


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12 thoughts on “Your Wedding Cake…. My Top Tips on the Cake of ALL Cakes.

  1. Wow, what a gorgeous cake…your mum did an excellent job!! Your cheese cake is a winner as well, nice of you to cater for all tastes. It’s great you served your cake as desert, I hate to see wedding cakes go to waste!!

  2. Ohhh Haz! These tips are so helpful!
    I’m getting my cousin to make my little cake 🙂
    And now I am so so tempted to ask for a cheese cake!! Haha. That idea is INCREDIBLE!!

    And also. I cannot get over your wedding photos.
    You look exquisite in every. single. one!!

  3. Hazel!!! That cake is indeed a masterpiece, your mum is amazing! A Ferrero Rocher giant cake! That’s insane in the best way! I love your sister’s cheese tower cake too, it’s good to balance savoury and sweet 😀 <3

  4. Your mum did an amazing job of that cake!! Also, you looked so beautiful in your wedding dress! Also going onto Pinterest to look at wedding, cakes is something I do anyway- which may or may not be a good thing. I get so hungry I eat half the snack cupboard!

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