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“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.” – Unknown

Carmel Snow

nee White


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D.O.B: 27th August 1887

Died: 1961

Age: 74

  Editor of Harper’s Bazaar from 1933 to 1957

Bio in more depth: Good ole Reliable Wiki….

15 Fun Facts about Carmel Snow

  1. Originally from Dalkey, Dublin, Ireland, her family at the turn of the 20th century moved to America.
  2. Peter White, her father, died when she was 5 and her mother worked at T.M. & J.M. Fox store, a dress makers. This is where Carmel found her love of fashion.
  3. When asked about her mother’s role, “My apprenticeship as an editor had begun”. Her daughter said “It was instilled in Mummy from her mother that work mattered.”
  4. Snow was the editor of Harper’s Bazaar from 1933 – 1957
  5. Carmel Snow was Conde Nast’s protégée at Vogue. She started as an assistant fashion editor in 1922. On her decision to leave Vogue Nast described it as a “treacherous act”
  6. Snow married late in life and had 3 daughters very quickly. Rumour has it she only took 1 week off after each pregnancy.
  7. Carmel changed the way photo shoots were done. Carmel wanted them on location and in action. She was able to do this at Harper Bazaar’s.
  8. She had her own unique style, pale blue hair in curls with a string of pearls around her neck.
  9. Snow was the first to print a nude.
  10. Her life was fashion, 24/7. She put everything into it. This life and world consumed her. It was everything.
  11. Camel “discovered” Lauren Bacall and put her on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. This lead to Hollywood for Lauren.
  12. Sadly she was forced into retirement shortly before her death., nearing 70 and having given the magazine everything she had.
  13. Penelope Rowlands said ”It’s hard to overstate how radically the magazine changed once Carmel got there,”
  14. Rowlands also said “The magazine was her life, and she was nothing without it.”
  15. Mr William Hearst, the owner of Harper’s Baazer – said about her “Does anyone have any control over Mrs. Snow? I KNOW I don’t.”


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The Only 2 Quotes I can Find by Carmel Snow

Elegance is good taste plus a dash of daring.

You can’t keep an exciting fashion down.

Can anyone share any more?

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    1. Oh my I had a ball with this lady!! As she was in an era pre social media etc it was harder to find stuff on her. I’ve ordered her bio though and CANNOT wait to get my hands on it! This I could only get hardback to 🙂 Completely going against my kindle comment earlier hahaha xx

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