Spending time in London Town….

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Himself and myself moved to London in 2012. We landed the day of the London Olympics. Great shout that was! We defiantly drove up every closed road there was. Our 3 point turns were nailed by the time we reached our destination let me tell ya…….

Over the last 4 years we have found some hidden gems and preformed a LOT of tours. Heres the best of the best for us and what we would recommend being tourists ourselves in this crazy town!

Post Codes

They are your new best friend. How we live without them in Ireland is beyond me. Typing the postcode into google will direct you there and everyone and every business uses them.

The Sky Garden

Its FREE, if you book ahead. A 360 view of the city, amazing on a clear day, average on a foggy one. It’s located in the “Walkie Talkie” building.  Booking Page

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Little Venice

In North London, it’s a sweet place for walks along the canals and waterways of London. You will not think you are even in London with this one. Its full of canal boats, residential and commercial. You can eat on them and some do tours. We had heard you can even get one thats goes into London Zoo. The tickets for this can work out quite reasonable for the Zoo by booking this way. Look it up if your planning to hit this attraction to! A must do in the summer months.


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Camden Town

No-one does markets like Camden does markets. This one goes on and on and on and on… Come out of the tube, swing a left and get lost in all the shops and stalls. Food, clothes, vintage, knick knacks, usual market wares and much more. On one of our visits here we even purchased our bridesmaid skirts 🙂 Rain or shine this is a great spot to spend some time. They also have a pub called Dublin Castle which is good for a pint! Make sure you make it all the way up to the famous sign…..


The Thames Clipper

This is a commuter boat up the Thames. It’s not a tour and they don’t speak to you over the mic….. but you still see it all!! At a fraction of the price!! The Clipper. You can hop on and hop off or get it from point A to B. Nice way to see a lot of sites in one go, especially if you’re not here for long. If you have an oyster card with money on it, it’s cheaper again.


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Emirates Air Line

Another cheaper option to see London from a cable cart. Built for the Olympics to get people from one side of the river to another. Not for the faint hearted, I get a little queasy on this one. Closed in high winds but on a clear day, Wembley and further can be seen. The whole thing (one way) is 3 minutes or so. But enough to get the idea. A good £40 cheaper than going up the O2. Cable Cart


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And Lastly…… Getting around……

Get yourself an oyster card. These little bad boys are like the Dublin Leap card…. but better. The transport in London doesn’t take cash / coins. Top this guy up and away you go. The tube is so handy for getting around and you can’t get to lost! If you are coming for more than 2 days and plan to go lots of places, it may be cheaper to get a weekly pass. Its around £32 but gets you unlimited tube (zone 1 – 2 – Tourist areas) and bus. You can then hop on and hop of without any worries. We have found in the past when people come it works out cheaper than pay as you go! There £5 to get but you can return them at the end of your trip and get your money back. All stations can top them up and even local shops to! You won’t get to far without one……. plus they’ll save your feet, London is way bigger than you think 🙂 And i promise, the underground is not as scary as you think. You’ll work it out sharpish and there is always someone on hand to ask for directions! Londoner’s are well used to it. Just don’t get in the way during rush hour and stick to the left hand side of the escalators! You’ll get this when you get here!


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I hope this helps plan your journey! There are loads more things to list but you’d never get it all in one go!! Will do another one soon.

Any tour guide tips I can help with, just get in touch!!


Mrs S




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