Snoop Snoop Series – September Edition

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“We never know which lives we influence, or when, or why.” Stephen King

Welcome to our 3rd edition of the Snoop Snoop Series

 I have met some awesome people and learned a hell of a lot from them. This series is a Thank you of sorts. A look who I found and how they helped / inspired / moved me in whatever way it was for my little blog. It’s also, I hope, a way for me to give back. It’s just no fun doing these things solo!

Here’s my July Edition and August Edition if you missed it!

Lets get stuck in!


Beauty’s Expert Amateur

Beauty’s Expert Amateur

About Janelle: Beauty’s Expert Amateur is the venture of a university student and London dweller, who is always in need of an outlet for her crazy, artistic self.  When not at work or studying, Janelle can be found reading/writing about art, trying to perfect a cat eye in front of the mirror, youtubing her favourite film scores, and occasionally writing about herself in the third person. She is an avid cat lover, Primark addict and a shamelessly nerdy violin teacher. She’s also probably making herself another cup of tea right now.

I have been following Janelle for sometime now. She has a few series going, my favourite being the Beauty Blunders. Who wouldn’t love reading up on other peoples mishaps… Yep I went there 🙂 She blogs about war paint, general musing and lots of other cool stuff. Check her out!

My Favourite Post: Help! My concealer is too light…

Bea Free


About Bea: My name is Bea, short for Beatriz. I am 23 years old. I started this blog as a means to share my lifestyle whether that be beauty, fashion or style or simply sharing some recipes and workouts. I write about things I like, things I’m passionate about and have taken an interest in. I hope you come along with me on this crazy adventure we call life.

Bea has a number of series, As Told by A Substitute, Get to Know and Monday Motivation posts. I have been following this little lady for some time now and love her motivation behind blogging. For the last few months she has challenged herself to post every day!!!! That in itself is a huge achievement! Do check her out if you don’t already know her 🙂

My Favourite Post: YOU ASKED, I ANSWERED


Simon Holland

Simon Holland

Trying to wave goodbye to the genie without spilling my three giant milkshakes. Contact me at

This guys is king of the one liners! He’s hilarious and his tweets never fail to make me smile!

My Favourite Tweet So Far: We keep a potato masher in a drawer because sometimes it’s fun to not be able to open that drawer.

Fiona Cuffed

Fiona Cuffed

An Irish lass who is another laugh a minute! PS I don’t know her personally YET!!

Fiona Cuffed Tweet


Rosie Londoner

Rosie Londoner


About Rosie: I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list. 🗺 Read the blog, you’ll like it! 👇🏽📚

Blog Found Here!

Rosie has some serious photo envy skills!! Her posts are perfection. She’s also a fellow Londoner 🙂



About PaleGirlRambling: Belfast beauty blogger 💋💄 💌 @palegrlrambling🐥 #flowerstoyourdoorstep 🌼

 Blog Found Here!

This girl’s flat lay is insane!!!! She has some serious makeup products that will leave you drooling!


Millennial Bloggers Collective

A Facebook group for bloggers with a killer schedule

Millennial Bloggers Schedule

Blogging with Heart 

Blogging with Heart

Another Facebook group I love for my blog, this schedule is also one for everyone looking to grow their blog on Facebook.

Daily Threads (M-F)- Blog post, Retweet, Repin, FB, IG comment and YouTube.
Sunday- Goals
Monday- Questions
Tuesday – Collaborations
Wednesday – Tips and Advice
Thursday – Social Share & Sponsored Posts
Friday – Follow thread (will rotate through platforms)
Saturday – Celebrate! And Chit Chat!


The LDN Diaries

The LDN Diaries Pinterest

About The LDN Diaries: Blog Found Here!: UK / Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blogger & vlogger based in London.

My favourite boards on here are: Borough Market London and Food Perverts

Kali Borovic

kmborovic pinterest

About Kali Borovic: Blog Found Here! Perry, Ohio / Contributing Fashion & beauty Editor for Bustle & Self-Proclaimed Thriftonista. There’s always time for: coffee, lipstick, and a thrift stop.

My favourite boards on here are:#GirlBoss Books and Thrifting Tips

There you have it, my September round up!!

I hope you enjoyed the September Edition of Snoop Snoop! I’ll be doing it mid month, every month!

Let me know what you think of all these beautiful people!

Any feedback is much appreciated 🙂 If you have anything in particular you would like to see in this series let me know, would love to hear your thoughts…..


10 thoughts on “Snoop Snoop Series – September Edition

    1. J is a Hoote for sure!! Ou do let me know if you find any winners!! Some are a bit of a hassle TBH but some are crackers!! Let me know if you want any more I follow xxx

      1. Girl I need all the help I can get haha. If you have any more – just send them through! There was one I decided not to join – I cannot remember the name. They wanted me to do a questionnaire and to read loads of rules which put me off. I felt like I would one day break them by mistake. xxx

        1. I just sent you a mail with a list of the ones I follow, hopefully you can find some gems in them!!
          Some do ask you that but its to discourage bots and ransomers. I have done it for some and they have been some of the best I’ve found! DO NOT get discouraged. I have yet to be booted out of one. I’ve heard they send you a gentle FYI in PM or simply remove it… no drama! Good Luck!! xx

            1. Yep, thats what i thought!! It does rule out spammers i think!! I wouldn’t rule them out just because of a few questions 🙂 xx

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