A Snapshot of Sweden’s Capital, Stockholm.

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This year, mid-December, we took a surprise trip to Stockholm. Here’s a quick snapshot of our time there! Hope you enjoy!

Landing in Stockholm

The name Stockholm comes from the words stock meaning “log” and holm meaning “islet.”

Stockholm's Cobbled Streets

Stockholm is spread across 14 islands and connected by 57 bridges and counting.

Stockholm Lakes

Stockholm’s Old Town, Gamla Stan, remains one of the best preserved historic districts in Europe and is pedestrianized.

Stockholm Palace

Stockholm is often referred to as the ‘Venice of the North’

Stockholm Views

Swedes have the longest life expectancy in Europe.

Stockholm's Lions

The Royal Palace has one more room than Buckingham Palace

Stockholms Architecture

Since 1901, Stockholm has been the permanent hosting place of Nobel Prize ceremonies

Stockholm's Food Halls

Stockholm has an entire museum dedicated to ABBA.

The Vasa

The people living in the capital are very good at speaking English so don’t worry about not getting around or misunderstanding the locals.

Fika Stockholm

I hope you enjoyed our snapshot of Stockholm. Our first trip to Scandinavia left us wanting more and more! A perfect City break for anyone in Europe.


11 thoughts on “A Snapshot of Sweden’s Capital, Stockholm.

    1. I loved it! Still can’t believe that’s where we ended up! We skipped the ABBA museum as neither of us where major fans. We hit the Vasa museum instead which I thought was awesome! Definitely a happy tick in the bucket list! Have you any travel plans this year? Xx

        1. I’ve never been so I can imagine there is so many amazing places to visit!! Where would you pick if you could go anywhere at all?? Xx

  1. I like Stockholm! We’ve been a couple of times – once around Christmas where we got to go to the Christmas market, and another time we went to a big nature park on a nearby island.Glad you had fun and I didn’t know that about where the name comes from!

    1. EVERYONE kept saying how amazing it was in the summer so I think another trip may be needed!! I really enjoyed it as a city for sure. The Christmas markets where fab!! Xx

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