Snapchat – The 8 Snaps I Can’t Stop Watching……

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“We get so worried about being pretty. Let’s be pretty kind. Pretty funny. Pretty smart. Pretty strong.” Britt Nicole

So I’m recently new to Snapchat. I love the idea of it and how it’s not so serious. I also love being able to see people in their everyday lives, just doing their thing! I’ve watched / perv’ed more than I’ve snapped. So with that, here are the Snappers I can’t stop watching….. Mostly Irish now…. but a girl’s gotcha make sure she’s up to date 🙂

Claire Balding

Clare Balding Snapchat

Claire on Facebook

Claire is a lady from Dublin who lost a good chunk off her hair due to alopecia areata. She turned to Snapchat to help her cope with this and used it as an outlet to get things of her chest. She snaps about everything, not just hair and she is absolutely hilarious!! I love seeing her pop up on the feed!

Jen Hatton

Jen Hatton Snapchat

Jen on Facebook

Jen is an Irish Comedian who does sketches over on her Facebook page. Her snaps are the about her daily life, her sketch setups and she mentions sometimes the backlash she gets from them. Defiantly worth a watch even for the giggles.

Marissa Carter

Marissa Carter Snapchat

Marissa on Instagram

The ultimate girl boss! Founder and creator of Cocoa Brown. I love her inspirational quotes. She also shows you around her office. Her and the team just look like they have the best time ever! Her husband also won’t let her snap him, its hysterical how she try to get him 🙂

Doireann Garrihy

Doireann Garrihy Snapchat

Doireann on Instagram

Doireann is hysterical. I love her accents. I love her humour. I just love her. If you don’t follow her now, get onto that asap. She’s also the lady who does impressions of other bloggers which are too good! She works for Spin radio in Dublin and won Snapchat Queen of the year for 2016…. Yep, no doubt I’m very late to this party!

The Life & Style of Jen

The Life & Style of Jen Snapchat

Jen’s Blog

Jen’s Instagram

I want to be Jen’s bestie! I also cannot park amazingly, I also would adopt a cat I nearly killed, I also cannot walk past Primark / Penny’s without getting something!! Her and her boyfriend Dean are the cutest! #relationshipgoals. She’s also just bought a house so her snaps lately have included tips and info on mortgages and interior designs which have been super helpful!

The White Moose Cafe

The White Moose Cafe Snapchat

The White Moose on FB

The White Moose on Instagram

Anyone who can ask customers to produce a doctor’s note if they want to order gluten-free food is a hero in my book. The amount of times I get asked is this gluten-free, then the oh well I’ll just had a small bit bugs the crap out of me! Seriously, stop giving coeliac’s a bad name! You never know what these snaps are going to be and I love that the most!

So Sue Me

So Sue Me Snapchat

So Sue Me Website

So Sue on Instagram

Suzanne has just got married and it was the most anticipated wedding this year in Ireland. Sue also has a section on her blog about her wedding planning, so if that’s your thing, do take a look. She covers everything on her snaps! From beauty inspo, her brands, her doggies and lifestyle!!!! Defiantly love a nose of Sue.

Retro Flame

Retro Flame Snapchat

Retro Flame Website

Retro Flame on Instagram

So Erika lives in NYC and is a full-time blogger. Not jealous at alllll… 🙂 Her pictures and snaps of New York just make me want to up and move! If only…. She covers fashion, lifestyle and has an epic eye for interior design. Her apartment looks like a show house straight of a Pinterest mood board!

So there is my top 8 on Snapchat. Am I missing anyone? Always looking for a new snapper to check out. Not because I love a good perv, simply because it kills the commute home! Swear…..

I’m still working on getting better at mine but do check me out if you fancy it

Snapchat name: hazelmccann12 (Spot the maiden name)

Are you active on Snapchat? What’s your snap name?



12 thoughts on “Snapchat – The 8 Snaps I Can’t Stop Watching……

    1. Ou I’ll have to keep an eye out for your story! I never really look at these on Instagram! Love the filters!! xx

  1. I am in love with snapchat!! Recently made a bitmoji for it and now I’m obsessed with that too!! I love how casual it is compared with instagram and your pics on it don’t always have to be perfect 😁 xx

    1. I love those little things!! Took me ages to figure out how everyone had them and I didn’t!
      Yes I love this to, and how it goes after so many hours!! I like this feature! xx

    1. I’m kinda addicted 🙂 I don’t personally do much on it now but I love watching others!! You should have a look and see if its your thing!! xx

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