Singapore Slings – 6 Things to See in Singapore on a Short Trip

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So here it is, the last post from our Honeymoon back in May. I’ve been putting it off like no ones business as I didn’t want that to be that. We’re still dreaming of being back on the road, sipping cocktails and eating like there’s no tomorrow. Back to reality big time and very much so feeling the holiday blues…….

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Singapore was our last stop on our 3 part holiday East. Also known as the Lion City and one degree north of the equator! Being a city and with loads of buildings which had the all important air con, the heat was very manageable. At this stage in the trip I also think we had become accustomed to the humidity.

Singapore also has a lot of reclaimed land and in the last few decades has increased in size. There are a number of national languages here and most people are bilingual. We did not struggle once speaking English and found this to be the easiest to get by on English out of the 3 spots.

We spent 3 nights in Singapore. I think this was enough time, any less and you would be running around like crazy. The heat also takes it out of you so bare this in mind planning your days. My advise would be to plan any walking tours or attractions in the early morning or late afternoon.

Like Hong Kong the underground trains are superb and run like clockwork! It also is air-conditioned!!! Taxi’s are cheap enough but traffic can be quite heavy so having both options is handy. Under our hotel was a MRT station so it was just as easy for us to stroll down there than to the taxi rank. You can also get a top up card for your time here.

So without further ado, here are my top 6 Sights to see on a short trip to Singapore!

The Marina Bay Sands 

We actually stayed here!!! This was a mental surprise!! I had no clue it was even our hotel until we got to the reception area! The building is so big that we went under it and I didn’t even realise it was where we had pulled up to! It has 3 towers for crying out loud! We had also seen a programme on the Hotel itself done by the BBC and how much it takes to operate it. It has 2561 hotel rooms, a shopping mall, a casino, the most iconic rooftop swimming pool as well as 53 restaurants!!

If you stay in the hotel you have access to the pool. 57 stories high and overlooking the whole of the city. It is not accessible to non hotel guests. Your key card gives you access to this area so it’s not possible to “sneak in”. Anyone can go up to visit the Sky Park and tickets can be purchased online or there on the day. It’s S£22 to the public and free for Guests.

The hotel is huge! You can easily spend a good few hours here exploring it with the Mall and the Casino and everything else it has to offer. I’m pretty sure we missed something! You can come here and never have to leave the Hotel its that well equipped.

Raffles Hotel, Singapore

This is where the famous Singapore Sling was created back in 1915! Find out more about this historic drink here!

A drink made to disguise alcohol for the ladies of the time 🙂 When you order your Singapore Sling, or any drink for that matter in the Raffles Bar you also get a bag of peanuts. The tradition is you throw the peanut shells on the floor. The floor is covered in shells, it’s mental! It took a while for me to get into the swing of things but by the end our shells were proudly displayed around our feet.

This hotel is also one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen. If we hadn’t stayed in the Marina Bay this is where I would have wanted to stay instead! The Hotel is such a gem. It’s has old world vibes, is unbelievably charming and nothing like I’ve ever seen before. Rudyard Kipling even stayed here!!!! ***Swoon!! A must see if just for a Sling.

Night Safari

One of our nights was spent on Night Safari!! A little under an hour bus ride out of the city on 35 hectares of land with over 130 species of animals, it’s a great night out. We opted for the all-inclusive package which included a buffet dinner before the tour.

The Buffet was average and did the job. It had a Western corner as well as traditional foods. It does tick everyone’s boxes. The Safari starts at 7.15pm and we where being picked up at the hotel at 6pm so having dinner there suited our day plans. It would have been a squeeze getting food before hand…. But if you have the time I’d say eat beforehand.

I wasn’t to sure on how the Safari would work…. The queues where crazy long and when we arrived I was nervous we’d be queuing for hours!!!! It was packed!!! As we had booked via our tour operator it meant we skipped the queue! Winning!! There is a tram that you get into and these bring you around to all the enclosures. You cannot exit the trams. The site itself also has special lighting to mimic the night sky. It can be very dark in places…. The age group of the visitors was from very young to very mature…. It was perfectly catered to all.

We saw wolves, elephants, tigers, leopards, flying squirrels, zebras….. 38% of the animals here are threatened.

Gardens by the Bay

So Hay today we’re going to the Gardens….. Say what??? Do I look like a Garden Girl??? 

I am now a Garden Girl!! Holy crap this place was unreal!! From the outside they look like big white domes, almost green house looking. Inside, speechless beauties. A Hidden world of unbelievable beauty…. The pictures can show you….. I’ll just muck it up explaining how unreal these where!

It’s S£20 per adult to see both Conservatories, well worth it!!! You can spend HOURS here without feeling it! It’s open from 9am – 9pm. If we had more time we would have gone back in the night to experience both day and night. I really think it would be 2 different experiences.

DON’t be scared of the bridge walk. It’s not as bad as it looks!! Now I was shaking for the whole thing but I was very able to do it being a bit queasy of heights! Give yourself time here as you may spend an hour here or you could blink and it’s 5 hours later!!

Holding on for dear life 🙂

There is also a good portion of the gardens that’s free to stroll around. These are so beautiful to but I would recommend doing some of the paid for exhibitions. This is also right behind the Marina Bay so you could easily do both in one day or afternoon depending on how much time you have.

Sentosa Island

This place has it all!! An island resort beaches, two golf courses, the Merlion, 14 hotels, as well as  Universal Studios Singapore, a Huge Sea Life, Madame Tussauds and a tonne of attractions to spend the whole day here! Sentosa means “peace and tranquility” in Malay.

On the day we went we knew the weather wasn’t to be the best and we did infact get mostly rain. But hey…. We’re not aspirin and if we where to wait for the rain to pass we’d never get anywhere! But lets just say when it rains in Singapore, it rains!

We got there via cable cart. There is a few ways of getting onto the island so do go with what’s easiest for you. We took the MRT to Harbourfront. The cable cart takes less than 15 minutes and you get amazing views of both the island and Singapore. It also drops you down in the heart of the island. Once you alight you are ready to go! We opted for the round trip ticket on the cart so we could come home this way also. Our tickets were S$33 per adult. Do note that all modes of transport ON the island is FREE!! So this is the only transport costs you will have if you spend the day here.

Just before take off!!

With the rain, a good few off the outdoor activities were closed. There was a zip line one that I really think I was brave enough for… alas, we’ll just have to head back there one day 🙂 There are a number of resorts on the island which we saw had families staying in. This would be a great shout for kids! It has so much to do for them they couldn’t be bored! It also has a number of chocolate shops for kids of all sizes!!

So with the rain not giving up we decided to visit the S.E.A Aquarium. Would you believe I don’t think I had ever been to an Aquarium before. I was very excited!

It was huge and on the day a number of people had the same idea as us but we weaved through the crowds and it was big enough to accommodate a lot of tourists!

We really enjoyed it and spent 3 hours here. The price for admission on the day was S$34.00 and we purchased them at the door. As the island is quite big we would recommend you plan your visit and make sure you cover all you want to see in the time you have.

China Town

We spent our last afternoon here strolling through the shops, arcades and street vendors. A fab last day of reminiscing and just wandering. Do check it out even for a couple of hours!!

So that sums up our amazing Honeymoon. Himself pulled an unbelievable blinder. It was everything I could have hoped for and more! What a way to kick off Married Life!

It has completely ruined us for future trips away. Multiple stop holidays is now how we will roll. There is just to much to see and never enough time!

For those interested, himself booked and planned everything with Trail Finders. With so many stops and changes this was a huge security for us knowing that we had booked it with a reputable company. And, if anything had gone wrong we we’re not out there on our own. It can be done and booked by yourself and with so many companies online now a days it is easy enough to do. But… for peace of mind on such a big trip, we would recommend a little extra help. If anyone has any questions about any of our stops DO get in touch!! I promise not to talk for hours….

Hope you enjoyed the posts as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Lots of Love…..

Mrs S.



18 thoughts on “Singapore Slings – 6 Things to See in Singapore on a Short Trip

    1. Not gonna lie, I well would have chickened out when I got to it so its all good… Awkward moment avoided 🙂

      Fingers crossed we get back there, its such a beautiful place! xx

  1. I understand delaying this post Hazel, I wouldn’t want to fully admit that the honeymoon is over either. I still don’t. On my breaks, Im still going through all my Fiji photos 😂
    You’re very lucky to have had such an amazing honeymoon! You guys got to go and see so much amazing things 😀

    1. It’s super sad alright! But hey, there will be more, there is always more to look forward to!! And your so right, lots to be thankful for and defiantly a huge tick of the bucket list!! 😘 xx

    1. Oh you lucky thing!!! Enjoy every minute of it!! have you planned anything to see yet??? Oh I’m so excited for you!! xxx

      1. We are planning to take kids to night safari at the zoo. Definitely check out Gardens at the Marina. Explore Little India and a Chinatown. And we have 2 nights on Sentosa Island too. Any other recommendations? X

        1. Thats covering loads! You’ll be flat out! Do try out the sky park in the marina bay, you get to see the whole city, a treat for all ages!! They will LOVE Sentosa, great shout spending 2 nights here with them. To be fair we loved it to so you’ll really cover all bases here and keep everyone happy!! Do check out the cable carts over sentosa island, if your ok with heights you’ll love it!! Cant wait to hear all about your travels! xxxx

  2. Singapore is gorgeous, hope you enjoyed all the lovely food and shopping! Beautiful photos too x

    1. Thank you!! delighted you enjoyed it!! We had the best time here! You should defo add it to your list! Even for a short stay! You won’t be disappointed! xx

    1. It was indeed, I loved every minute of it! You need to get this on your bucket list! So glad we did it and I can now say, yep, Ive been there 😂

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