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“I have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce” – Unknown

How has another month passed? Seriously 2017 is steam rolling in and heading to the finish line fast!!

Last month I did my first ever round up post and this month I wanted to do the same! I got some really good feedback on it and I think it’s a nice way to finish each month off. I have even given it it’s own section on the blog to make it easier to find for you guys!

So, for September, lets kick it off!

Blog Posts

#WCW Series

Guest Post WCW Series Coco Chanel Nicci McShane

Dorothy Parker

Nell McCafferty

Coco Chanel

Carmel Snow

I am really enjoying this series and I hope you are to. A special shout out to Nicci who guest posted for me this month with Coco Chanel. It was so cool having a fellow blogger get involved and love the series as much as I do.

Throw Back Thursday

Snapchat - The 8 Snaps I Can’t Stop Watching......

If you have been following the blog for some time now (if that’s you, wow, THANK YOU) you’ll notice I’ve been refreshing some of my original posts. Updating them and giving them a new lease of life. This month we’ve brushed up:

What’s in my Make Up Bag…….

Wedding Flowers – 8 Tip’s from one Bride to another!

Whitstable, A Seaside Town 1 Hour from London, Our Top Sites to See

Snapchat – The 8 Snaps I Can’t Stop Watching

It’s been so nice for me to look back on all of these posts. It’s also been really cool to see how much I think I’ve progressed… Some of the earlier ones where a tad cringe for me BUT now there all fresh and snazzy so there’s my silver lining! I will continue to be doing this over the next month.

Blog Series

My Tips from a Newbie as well as my Snoop Snoop Series are going pretty good. I am so happy to see the volume of traction on these. I’m really enjoying them and it’s amazing to hear how much you guys are to! These will defiantly be continuing into next month

Blog Series: Tips From a Newbie – Blogging Books: The Million Dollar Blog

Blog Series – Tips From a Newbie – Plugins

Blog Series – Tips From a Newbie – Canva and Colour Codes

Blog Series – Tips From a Newbie – Thinking About Going Self Hosted

Snoop Snoop Series – September Edition


Cutting Your Hair - The 7 Things I have Learnt Getting a Long Bob

Cutting Your Hair – The 7 Things I have Learnt Getting a Long Bob

Blogger Festival 2017 – The Conrad London St James

Again, only 2 this month outside of all the other posts. I am nearly finished my TBT posts so I’m banking a good few lifestyle and London posts to continue on my Thursday schedule. I toyed with adding a 5th day of posting but I’m not sure how sustainable that would be for me…. Once I’m back on track with all my posts before Self Host I’ll be amping up my game! Promise!

Social Media

Ok, this month I’ll be honest… I’ve dropped the ball completely! I keep reading about Instagram and the new algrarythm so I gonna put it down to that… yep… that makes me feel better about it 🙂

 Are we following each other?




Daily Life

This month life has got back on track and things have got back to normal for us. We have been in London and have been catching up with friends we haven’t seen.

September Snaps

This month I also attended the Blog Festival and met a few blogger gals in real life which was so amazing!

Blogger Festival

We also bought a new couch! We learned the hard way that these kind of things don’t fit in your average car so before you waste any off your time, go straight to home delivery… Ye, anyone watching those 2 muppets in IKEA Lakeside trying to figure it out, that was us!

Hope you guys are enjoying the series, is there any in particular you enjoy most? Do let me know below!


9 thoughts on “September Month Review on Mrs S. LDN

    1. 🙂 A pleasure for sure!!

      Defiantly! Here’s to another month!! We’ll soon be counting down to Christmas!! How mental is that?? This year is flying by!

    1. Awww thank you!! It is lovely to see the last few weeks of blood sweat and tears all lined up nicely 🙂 Hope your doing well xxx

        1. Oh ye I feel ya girl for sure!! With work we are coming into our busiest time of the year so i’ll have my head down and fingers crossed oil the week of Christmas hahaha xxx

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