Relationship Status: Netflix & Chill

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We have now been married for 2 whole months! Time fly’s when you’re having fun 🙂

One thing we have always done together is Box Set binges. Starting a new season or having a good few episodes of a TV series is something we both get way too excited about. Its cuddle time, veg time, lets save money and not go out time, just simply us time.


The below list is what we both watch. There are a good few we watch separately as the other just isn’t into them. My one’s of these are Gilmore Girls, Orange is the New Black, and Nashville!! If you’re wondering what his are: Shooter, Conviction and Strike Back…..

So if you’re looking for a good series to watch together, check these out!

Blind Spot

The first episode of this was a tad strange. I did not feel it would be one for me at all! Now…… HOOKED! I wait for this one each week.


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Brief Report

A woman is found in Times Sq, in a duffel bag covered head to toe in tattoos. She has no memory of how, why or when. She doesn’t even know if she’s a coffee or a tea drinker. Each tattoo is a crime and the FBI crack a tattoo at a time and solve the crime. The team she’s with are good, not as good as baby girl in Criminal minds but nearly! Plus the tattoo’s are seriously impressive and makes me wonder if I could pull of some sleeves 🙂

Our Verdict: *****


Another firm favourite for me! Tom Kean…. need I say more?! Major crush there! This series break feels like it has been FOREVER. I just want it back and I want it back now!

Also FBI based. We are up to date on this one to which means we only get our fix once a week, slightly upsetting.


Brief Report

One of the most wanted in the U.S hands himself in and informs on other crime lords, drug lords and anything really bold. He’ll only speak with one agent leading them to believe she may be involved somehow.

Our Verdict: *****


So in the beginning, I wanted to BE Olivia Pope. Girl boss extreme!! Girl Crush you name it! The last season to air was a bit anti climatic! Its back soon and I’m hoping it goes back to it original Glory days of season 1 & 2.


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Brief Report

Pope is a fixer for Washington and the White House. Be it covering up affairs, drugs use or dead bodies, Pope and her team can avoid a media scandal like no ones business.

First few seasons, our verdict: *****

Last season to air, our verdict: ***

Hawaii 5-0

I love this team of characters. Someone for everyone. A good one when you just wanna veg on the couch and not think too much. Plus, eye candy with Alex O’Loughlin!


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Brief Report

This one follows the special branch, 5-0 of Hawaii helping to solve murders, bomb treats and scares, drug cartels etc. From this show, Hawaii doesn’t look so peaceful and serene as the pictures show 😂😂


There is not one character I do not like in this show, no word of a lie. Finally it’s back! This one is different to the others in that it takes season breaks whenever they fancy, I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s a ploy to keep me hooked. If so….. it’s working


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Brief Report

Its centered around a law firm and its partners and associates. Mike is hired as a law associate however he has never passed the bar in  his own name. It brings you into their web of dealings and the hierarchy of a law firm. Some serious eye candy to… starting to see the trends for me??

Our Verdict: *****

 Best of the rest if you haven’t got around to it:

  • BLUE BLOODS (NYPD Cops, make sure to keep an eye out for Jamie!)
  • CRIMINAL MINDS (My favourite series for the characters and their banter between each other)
  • SONS OF ANARCHY (If you the entire series of this to watch, I slightly dislike you)
  • GAME OF THRONES (Just give it a go…. it might surprise you)
  • CHICAGO FIRE (Firefighters…… Yep)
  • NCIS ( (My 2nd favourite series for the characters)

Happy Netflix Hunting….. Let me know if I’m missing out any, always love a new series!


Mrs. S.



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