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Hello Lovely’s!

I hope everyone is having a good week so far. Here in London we have a heat wave…. I am DYING from the heat! Holiday heat is fine, welcomed, embraced…… I have a pool and most likely a fan! At home, with two cats who molt like crazy in the heat, no pool or garden…. You can imagine the crankiness!!!

This post is all about our amazing 2nd location for our Honeymoon! My previous posts can be found below:

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Home Sweet Home

Pangkor Laut Resort is hands down my favourite part of our trip. 7 nights of pure bliss, relaxation, VIP treatment, sea huts and utter tranquility. This post is mostly photos as words just cannot describe how out of this world it was!

To get to this private island you need to driver 4 hours north of Kuala Lumpur (KL). Now just before I go any further on this one, let me set the scene…..

I have no idea where it is we are going. I have been up since 4am to catch a 6.30am flight from Hong Kong to KL.  I am lugging my case around, rushing through Hong Kong airport with himself, trying to buy duty-free cigarettes, not miss our flight and searching like no one’s business for a place to get me some caffeine!! I slept on the plane and missed breakfast. I am struggling (the most polite word I can think off…) with the heat AND for the last 2 days have been told by himself we are heading to the jungle…. 4 hours sound like hell yet???

Now…. If I had off known I was going to paradise, like himself did, I would properly have been quite ok with the whole ordeal. I mean air con SUV, wifi!, a driver who is happy to stop every hour for bathroom, water and market stall fruit pickings… Could not have been more handy…. 4 hours is just a long time when you don’t know its 4 hours or where you are going. **side note: himself booked the transfer via the resort, hence the driver being ok to stop, free wifi and air con. Some people we spoke to came via taxi from the airport and it is possible to hire your own car or get a helicopter. If hiring your own car you have to park it up at the harbour and they do charge you for parking here.

We finally arrived at a harbour with an office reception. They offered us refreshments and cold towels after our journey which was a lovely surprise. My mind was well and truly fried. We’re getting a boat I asked him. Yup said he. For how long DEAR….. 2 hours, you’ll be fine…. Que meltdown….

All this happening in my head so not to upset him and think I’m being a spoilt BRAT! (Still thinking we are going camping in the jungle)

Quiting the moan now I promise 🙂 The boat ride was less than 10 minutes. I had my back to our destination so himself saw it first. I whipped my head around and there it was…. Our new home for the week….. Boy was I gob smacked!

Himself managed to get my reaction on film! I was pretty much crying!

So the resort is a private island off the west coast of Malaysia. Accessed via boat through a private harbour. Sea Villas on the water with a huge spa built around the nature of the island. As if it was always there and completely untouched.

***These pictures truly do not do it justice!!!***

They knew it was our honeymoon and that I was celebrating my birthday while here and they could not have done any more for us in celebrating this special time! Himself had been in touch with them the month before we travelled and they were more than happy to get on board with my surprises and to be apart of our celebrations! Massive shout out to Glenn and Ong for this. If your going you NEED to meet these crazy boys!!

We stayed in the Spa villas. There are two strips of villas over the beach. The Spa Villas in the Spa Village and the Sea Villas. The Spa Village is adult only with its own pool and bar. Perfect for adults who want to be left alone to relax and enjoy. The Sea Villas is open to all and has its own pool for all to use. Kids are welcome to the resort however we only saw babies and young children while here. For children between 4 – 17 I’d say it could be a little boring for them….

There is ample choice for food on the island with a number of restaurants. They all cater for “western” and “eastern” taste buds. We did NOT go hungry here at all. Himself was even having fried rice for breakfast! Himself booked us in for all-inclusive. This did not include our drinks but it did cover all food! Some packages offer half board or no board and we met couples who chose these options. Whichever suits you best…. I would say though that the prices are what you would expect in a 5* resort. Plus it is an island and all food is brought in from the mainland. There is no convince store here to grab a loaf of bread or anything like that. Overall from what we saw and heard it does work out cheaper to go all in.

The staff here NEED to open a school. They have nailed service to a T!!! They are UNREAL!! Ms. Hazel, Ms. Hazel! I now know how Beyoncé feels every single day!!! They treated us like the ultimate VIP. The staff could not have made us feel more important or special if they tried! They are so friendly, approachable and no ask is to big or to small for them. The staff make this place for sure. Without them it would simply be just any other island. As we where there for a number of nights we ate in all the restaurants and quickly found our favourites. In each restaurant we always went back to their section and once they knew what we liked made sure to have us surrounded by it! Their attention to detail is 100%.

If you ever make it to the Spa Village pool keep your eyes peeled for this gem! Ramone made sure I had my umbrella each day and made THE best Vanilla Bang a girl could wish for! He was always down to me every time the sun moved to make sure I was happy and move my umbrella if needed! He made our days by the pool our favourite pastime here on the island. Each morning we headed down to see our friend, that’s how good he is at his job!

One thing the island also offers is private dining. Himself opted for this the night of my birthday!! Private dining can be done ON the beach or by Fisherman’s Cove overlooking the sea. Our table was set up far away from

One thing we did learn while here was tipping. In Malaysia tipping is not expected or required. Most places will add a service charge and after that every one is happy. This means that when you do tip they really do appreciate it. As a general rule of thumb we will always tip for good service. I used to work for tips myself so know what it’s like. If someone goes that extra mile for me, boy do I like to acknowledge it! We did tip on each bill we had as it was 5* service and quality each time. As it’s not expected, we tipped what we felt was deserved. On the exchange rate we were 5 to 1 on their dollar. We tipped to the value we would have back in London.

Water sports (extra charge), jungle walks, yoga classes, boat cruises for the sunset (extra charge)  and the spa treatments (extra charge depending on your package) are all available to spend your days doing. The beach is also set in an alcove so very safe and calm. We mostly spent our days relaxing by the pool, reading, swimming and soaking it all up. We spent 7 nights here. We meet people who came just for the weekend, some for 10 nights, some for 1 night. We felt 7 was perfect for us as by then we had seen and done all the island had to offer. We left content and relaxed, already wishing for a time we can return.

This island is a hidden gem. Absolute perfection. My favourite part of our trip by a mile!

Getting on the boat back to the main land was extremely tough. We received a fond farewell wave from all the staff who looked after us while here and it was a tear jerk moment for sure!

If you ever make it out to Malaysia please do look this up. You will not regret it one bit… I promise!!

Lots of Love

Mrs. S.


Resort website: Here

Himself booked here 

More info on the resort can be found here


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20 thoughts on “Paradise Found…. Pangkor Laut Resort

  1. Ahhhh!! This sounds like it was incredible! You guys must have had the most amazing time, and these pictures look so dreamy! I can only imagine what it must have been like to spend a week there!! <3

    1. A lifetime would probably be just enough time 😂 It was unreal and the best spot we have ever been to by far! We, fingers crossed, will return one day! 😍

  2. Oh my goodness Hazel! I am completely sold and desperately need to haul Rhett and my ass over to this island asap! I am still gob-smacked at how amazing your partner was to have this all planned for you! And such a great chooser of holiday destinations! Photos and food look amazing. I have been to Thailand a few times now but can you believe, I am yet to visit any of their islands!! I am clearly missing out.

    1. It’s unreal!! The photo ops you 2 would have…… ***swoon!!!!
      It was one of those places where I just couldn’t believe we actually got to stay there!!! I loved every minute off it and these photo’s just DO NOT do it any justice for sure! 😍

    1. Oh boy do they know how to throw a welcome party!!! Defo Queen treatment! It was UNREAL!!! And such a nice stop after Hong Kong which was constant walking and trekking and exploring! Having a few days to just lay by the pool was even more so welcomed!!!

  3. This looks amazing! I was born in Malaysia and lived there for 10 years, but I’ve never been to Pangkor Laut; looks like there’s much more of my homeland to explore 😉

    1. Ahhhh!! You need to look it up next time your out that way!! What a gem!! Himself found it from word of mouth, he said he wouldn’t have known it otherwise!! Its such a amazing country you lucky thing!!! I loved every minute of my time here!! xx

    1. Awww it so was! Devon to be back. The summer in the UK is officially over…. Its been raining solid all day and I’m a grumpy git because of it!! Thanks so much for stopping by xxx

    1. It was amazing, i wanna go back there daily!! Its killing me 🙂 One day….. If i’m lucky! Thanks for stopping by xxxx

    1. It truly is! If you ever get the chance to head out this way you should try and get to this place! It was like nothing Id ever seen! Its so hard to do this place justice with words, you need to see it to believe it! 🙂

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