My Tan Routine & My Top 6 Products to Use

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**This is an updated version of my previous post with added/updated info**

It’s Better to arrive late than pale…. Unknown.

Lately I’ve gotten back into my weekly tan regime with Summer well and truly here. There’s nothing a good tan can’t do to your confidence, in my opinion.

If you know me or have been reading some of my previous posts, you’ll know I have typical Irish skin. I burn, I go red, RAW red, I peel like a friggin orange and when the journey is finally over all I have for my sins is pale skin and an extra freckle…..  Amazing really!

So, instead of all this hardship I have since learned that the shade is my friend and that any colour I want can be found in a bottle. A Tan bottle that is…..

I like to do Tan Thursday…… #tanthursday

My Tan Routine and My Top 6 Products to Use

I’m not prefect though and Tan Tuesday’s have been known to happen in our house…. Don’t judge….

So here’s how I do it! (I am in no way a professional. I mean my life motto is fake it till ya make it….. Buyer beware and all that 😉)

My 5 Favourite Tanning Products

The night before I plan to tan, I shave and scrub a layer of skin of with one of the below. Either of these can be used to get tan off too so a handy 2 for 1!

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff

My usual go to scrub, an Irish brand to which is always nice for me! Plus £5.99 for quite a decent size of it – 200ml

My Tan Routine and My Top 6 Products to Use


Recently I got  as part of a goody bag for a show I was at. Tried it out and was pleasantly surprised. Did the job just as good and felt like I didn’t have to rub my skin raw doing it! Bit more pricey at £15.99……. Not sure it was worth handing over that much more for it. Will be sticking with my Pink Bottle!


After my shower I then moisturize. This is normal for me so not so much an extra job or anything. I go between the below from Soap and Glory. Whichever one is on sale when I need it. They always are on offer in Boots. Whichever product works for you….

My Tan Routine and My Top 6 Products to Use

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter

For normal days and normally around £10. Nice and thick, rubs on beautifully and smells divine!

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star™ Body Lotion

For when I feel really dry and want an extra boost. Normally around £10.

So, onto the good stuff…….. I have tried nearly every tan out there. The cheap, the mid range, the high-end…. And these two beauty’s are my go to.

For Me, a Tan Has to Be:

  • Reasonably Priced – I go through a good few of them over the summer months.
  • Long Lasting – Thursday only come around once a week!
  • Easy to apply – I would rather be in bed than fluffing in the bathroom so if its more than 10 minutes for the whole application, ye good luck…..
  • Fades Naturally…….. I know, I don’t ask for much!

St.Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan Body Light/Medium

My Tan Routine and My Top 6 Products to Use

Not to dark and very subtle. Also it lacks of any tan smell which is handy! It also goes on darkish so you can see where you have rubbed and where else to do! Normally £14.50 but currently on sale in Boots

My Tan Routine and My Top 6 Products to Use

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Dark Mousse

As mentioned above, an Irish product which has been taking the market by storm these days. Easy to use, quick to apply and rubs on well with a tan mitt. Lasts me the full week and you don’t notice it coming off…. Simply fades away. It’s also a great price at £7.99! What more could you want?

And there you have it, what I’ll be doing every week until October-ish….

Does anyone else tan and if so what do you use?




4 thoughts on “My Tan Routine & My Top 6 Products to Use

    1. Amen to that!! What one do you use the most or can you recommend one for us?
      Thank you for the encouragement!! Defiantly welcomed xxx

    1. Hello my fellow partner in crime! You mentioned this one before and it upset me I couldn’t get my hands on it! So promise me next time one of us heads away we’ll remind each other to get me one ye???
      Pale is defo not an option for me 🙂 Plus I am convinced i look skinnier with a tan xxx

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