My New Love….. Janome Decor Excel 20

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I used to sew in school back in the day and wanted to take it up again! This January one of my new years resolutions was to get back into it. I wanted another craft under my belt and with the wedding being well behind us, I knew I’d miss my craft Saturday’s.

So the search for a machine began. I wanted a new machine, something easy to use, moveable, suitable for beginner / intermediate levels and budget friendly.

Ta Daaaa….

The Janome Decor Excel 20


You can buy it here via John Lewis 🙂


This machine was my choice for a number of reasons:

  • Mid Range Value. Not to cheap not to expensive
  • A known brand, also one a lot of youtube blogs use (easy to follow their tips and tricks!)
  • Good reviews online – Reviews…
  • I could get it in John Lewis to which is great as they have a 2 year guarantee!

All in all I am happy with the machine. Also it has a few additions that I didn’t realise it had when I bought it:

  • A light
  • A hidden box for storage, already filled with some goodies

The only fault I had when I opened the box was that it doesn’t come with a hard box cover,  just a plastic cover. Maybe this is how they are now a days. That was the only slight disappointment. It does make it less bulky than I remember our old one being though….

I would highly recommend this machine for a beginner to intermediate sewer!! I’ve been using it now since early January and she’s really easy to get on with. I was surprised at how quickly it all comes back to you once you get going 🙂

Hope this helps anyone looking to purchase a sewing machine!


Mrs S.




3 thoughts on “My New Love….. Janome Decor Excel 20

  1. Thanks for this review. My new sewing adventure has inspired my mum to want to take up sewing again. So I plan to surprise her with a sewing machine – something inexpensive and easy to use. Just to get her going and she can upgrade accordingly. This looks perfect. I think my mum’s secretly hoping we’ll give her grandchildren soon after the wedding and wants to start making baby clothes, haha! Nothing like that added bit of pressure ;-p

    1. 🙂 She’ll love that! What a lovely surprise! This one will be perfect for her! I got it thinking I was a newbie (I only sewed in school for a couple of years) but I got the hang of it far quicker than I thought and I still haven’t outgrown the machine!
      Grand babies, yup, know how you feel there! My mom has been wanting them since I hit puberty 🙂 No secretly with her on that topic! But hey, homemade clothes by granny are always a winner! Hope it goes well xx

      1. 🤣🤣 I think our mums would get on fabulously! From what you say, it does sound like this sewing machine would be perfect. Something to make her feel as though she’s helping her grandchildren hurry into the world that little bit quicker 😉 xx

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