I’m a complete novice to the blogging world. Newly Married & living in London. This year’s resolutions was to buy a sewing machine, travel some more, lose a few pounds and start a blog. So here goes………..

We live in Greenwich, London. We decided to move here early 2012 and by June that year we had landed. We moved over with about 40 boxes of clothes, shoes, books, pots, pans and two little kitty’s. We got new jobs, a new home and began our new adventure. It was the best decision we ever made. London is defiantly a place we LOVE to be. Dublin will always be home for us but for now, and until we’ve grown tired of this foggy place, we’ll be staying put.

I am very lucky to live AND work in Greenwich. My commute is very handy and boy do I know it. Any commute under an hour in London us cushy 🙂 I work in a bakery that supplies bread and cakes to London kitchens. It’s a wholesale bakery and I get to work above the production floor! My office is defiantly a good smelling place. Amazing for my mouth, horrid for my waistline. With this as my job and access to food 24/7 I need to make sure I don’t go crazy with my weight. I am a member of Slimming WOrld and this helps me stay on track. Some posts will touch on this but not all. I am not linked to them or anything like that, just a gal trying to keep her figure in check.

In December 2016, I married my bestie and partner in crime. A good few posts will be on the planning of the wedding and what we did over the 18 months we spent planning and crafting. Check out my section on how I did my I do’s for this kinda thing.

I am new to this and hoping to get better post by post. Any feedback you have is much appreciated so feel free to get in touch! Also, anyone looking for advice or any questions on moving to London or anything like that, drop us a line!


Mrs S.






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        1. Cant wait for the school holidays! I drive to work and there always seems to be way less traffic when there off! makes my commute oh so good 🙂 All good here! Enjoying the lovely weather in London!! xx

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