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Hey….. πŸ™‚

How is everyone getting on this week?

Here in the U.K we had Bank Holiday Easter Monday so a 4 day week. Tomorrow I’m also off as we are heading to Hull, soooooo….. 3 day week…. BOOM!

Roadtrip!!!! Packing what ever I like with no weight restrictions!

Bank Holiday Monday was supposed to be a day of honeymoon shopping for things we haven’t already got. Instead…… here in the S. household, we caught that oh so lovely vomiting bug. Joy!

I purposely bailed on an Easter Egg this year to help my bikini body. Load a use that was, could have snuck in 7 for all it did me! Raging!

How I remember being ill when I was young was a day or 2 at most, this bad boy took the rug from under me for 3 whole days. Work piled up, blog emails coming out me ears, house a mess and feeling like I need a massive kick up the a**.

A few hours of super speed in work today, coming home and thinking I’m Mrs Mops reincarnate, packing like my Mother, nailed Tanning Thursday and finally sitting down to touch in here!

This month after reading up on Suzie’s tips for blogging, I wanted to look into social media a bit more. Pop over and have a look, some of her tips have been bang on for me!! Do you guys use them? Personally, I do. Blog wise, I’m getting there……

I wanted to share my links with you blow in case you fancied coming on over and having a perv πŸ™‚ I PROMISE I’ll get better! I’ve signed up to Hootsuite & Buffer so I have no excuse! If there is anything I need to be looking at as well as these let me know!







So in a nut shell, if you’re not following me already, you have no excuse now πŸ™‚

Same goes for me though, I really don’t think I’m following the half of you lovely people so please do leave your link or user names below so I can get on that!

As I mentioned, heading to Hull this weekend for some Family time with the folks and my little sister. Have my best blackmailing tips and tricks on hand to get himself taking some photos for me! Keep an eye out!

Lots of Love…

Mrs S.



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