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Oprah Wasn’t Built in A Day….

This past month I have been so unorganised in my Life, my Blog, my healthy eating habits, my everything that a good shake down was in order.

This weekend I’ve sat myself down and given myself a good talking to. Get Your S*$t together woman!!! Sometimes this is what’s needed, well for me anyway…..

Life wise I’m currently doing some better late than never spring cleaning. I’m trying to de-clutter like no ones business. If himself sits any longer on the couch he could be in the next bin bag… That kinda hard-core de-cluttering. It’s also been so nice out lately! I’m out enjoying the sun and soaking up some rays. With that something has to give and the housework has been the first thing to go. Can you tell how beaten up I am about that??

This week I read this article and one sentence in particular pounded the alarms for me…..

“I blame that bitch for a lot. For spreading the notion that women should have a career, keep house, and fuck their husbands, when the only sane thing to do is pick two and outsource the third.” – Kristi Coulter

Blog wise, I’ve taken some deep breaths, a pad of paper, a crap load of coloured sharpies, copious amounts of coffee and sat down to plot. I’ve also kicked himself out of the house and told him I need ME time. He’s only delighted with that and off playing golf. He does that, I do blog. Whatever works right??

I have never really had a blog schedule….. I know, I know… I’m more of a lets see how this goes kinda gal! BUT… After 6 months now of having this little corner of internet LaLa Land I’m thinking there’s method to this madness. So…… I’m telling you all this now so I have to stick to it. Mrs S. LDN will be posting religiously every Sunday and Wednesday. I know I just posted yesterday but bear with me…… Today is my day 1 if you like……

I know for a fact I’m happy with 2 posts a week. Any more and I panic and end up hiding in a black hole. Some weeks will have a 3rd post but for now I’m comfy with 2. I do have a Husband I have to entertain every now and again 🙂 Plus I find with everything else going on any more will be setting myself up for an EPIC fail…..

I’ve also got some series I’m working on that will help me plot my weeks and give me constant motivation to keep my schedule.

Woman Crush Wednesday 

This is something I’ve seen a good few bloggers do and I think it looks like so much fun!! First post will be coming this Wednesday and then every Wednesday after that! It’s gonna look something like the below.

I’m super excited about this one!!

Blog Series

So this one is kinda a recap of what I’ve done in the past month re: the blog. Not post wise but the back-end stuff. What app’s I’ve found to help me out. Social media info I’ve found, that kind off thing. I wouldn’t call it blogging tips as who am I kidding… But stuff I’ve found that’s helped me. It will be the last Sunday off every month. Recently I have turned my Pinterest account into a business one so that will be a big section on my first one. It’s gonna look something like the below. (Are you seeing where I’m going with my colour organisation skills here??? Yup….. It’s the little things in life)

I have learned how to screen shot on the mac to aid with this as I have a feeling this will be more beneficial than my rambling….

What I’m Working On This Month

I’m a list person. A write it down, it might happen person. Something I always lose and find months later but a list person none the less. So I thought why not just get it all down here. It’ll be life, work, personal, travels, tv, everything and anything I have coming up in the month and that sort of stuff……. It’ll be up early each month so I’ll know what to be doing with my life….. I love reading these on everyone else’s so we’ll give it a go and see how it works out…. It’s gonna look something like the below.

And Finally……. Told you I’d been busy…..

The Snoop Snoop Series

This is gonna be who I’m perving on that month. Blogs, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, anything and everything…… A little of what it’s about and links for you guys to have a snoop to!! It’s gonna look something like the below.

I really feel like I’ve got a tonne of stuff done and have defiantly earned myself a bottle of wine!!

I would love to know your thoughts on these and if any are of interest to you!! Also any tips people have on how you get your blog admin / posting nailed would be much appreciated!!

Heres to another 6 months of Mrs S LDN ❤️

Lots of Love…..

Mrs S.


22 thoughts on “Mrs S LDN Update

    1. Thank you!!! Looking forward to it and getting a better schedule / routine into my blog!! Do let me know what you think as they come up!! 😘 xx

  1. Ohhh! I love all these plans you have sent into motion Hazel. And I am beyond looking forward to your two posts per week! All I can say is, You’ve got this girl!

    1. Thank you!!! I’m super excited about it! Plus by putting it out here its more motivation for me to keep at it and on top off things 🙂

      Thank you for the pep talk, always much appreciated from you pretty lady!!


    1. I hope so…. I do notice a drop in blog stats when it’s only 2 but any more and I really struggle. I’m hope quality over quantity and all that jazz!!! How you manage daily is beyond me, your an inspiration little lady xxxx

  2. So sorry I haven’t been commenting on your posts recently I had no idea you still could when people had gone self hosted!! Good luck with all your new goals and looking forward to you posting twice a week!! 😁💕 xx

    1. Ah this is where you’ve been!!! Welcome back!!!! Seriously!

      Ye its all still the same! Some people mentioned they had to re follow but still like before! I hope!

      Thank you xxxx

    1. hahaha thank you!! I’m getting there! I find when I’m in the humour to write I can crack a good few out. Then I break and do the editing and formatting another time! Works best for me 🙂 xx

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