Where You Moving? …. Onto Better Things ♥️

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Hello My Lovely’s!

Hope everyone is doing well! Over the last few days you may have seen my site has been showing up as down or unknown…… Well, I have made the plunge and am now self hosting! (Cannot believe I just wrote that!)


Yep, I’ve had to invest some dolla bills but I think it has been worth it. Still getting my head around it but hey….. You gotha learn new things every now and again!

Sooooooo……. A few more nights than intended sitting on the couch, tweaking, fixing, messing and playing around with the new site and I should be back to normal!

If anyone notices anything off or wrong do let me know! Likewise if anyone has any tips or trick for a newbie on Bluehost / WordPress.org please feel free to share!


For those of you interested in the Nitty Gritty….. I signed up to Blue Host after reading a post from the lovely Emma @ Glitters & Roses: HOW TO START A PROFITABLE BLOG ( The Right Way ) Not that I want to make money from Mrs S. LDN but it’s always good to have an option right??

Plus, after the honeymoon and not blogging for 3 weeks, I realised I MISSED it! I like my little corner of the world wide web and I enjoy it probably was more than I should 🙂 So why the hell not go the whole hog and just do it!

When your like I DESERVE that Cocktail after all that!!

Once set up with Bluehost, (this plan – Prime) I exported from the old site and then imported into the new site. This happened after several attempts, numerous tantrums, copious amounts of tea and a good 10 minutes of chain-smoking. In all kinds or order this happened let me tell ya! I also had to change name servers. God knows what this means but a lovely lady helped me via the support chats. These guys are my new best friend and on my Christmas Card list indefinitely! I talked to these guys more over the last few nights than I have himself….. No Joke!

But hey, I’m here now and that’s what matters. I now own all my own content and am a little bit closer to being Bill Gates……. I wish!

Kicking Ass and Taking Self Host numbers!!

Anyone thinking about making the change… I’d say go for it! Even after all of this! Himself is very surprised I haven’t jacked it in already but I ain’t no quitter! The only advise I would say is to make sure you have a bit of time put aside for it. It’s not a 2 minute job… Unless you really are Bill Gates that is!

So back to normal for me now. Travel blogs have been put off but are now back on track and should be coming soon! If you need any posts to tide you over in the mean time, Emma over at EmmZeeBeee has got her post up about her trip to Ibiza!!!! Check it out 🙂

All My Love….

Mrs. S


9 thoughts on “Where You Moving? …. Onto Better Things ♥️

    1. Finally coming around to it! Fully up and running now I hope! Delighted I did it now but was a few days of a lot of stress 😂
      Still trying to figure out the follow button but i’m sure I’ll get there!
      Patience is a virtue and all that 😄 xx

    1. Thank you!! Through the worst of it now and the site is fully up and running now! Who knew I was any use with all this kinda thing 😂 So chuffed with it now! Hope you like it! xxx

    1. Thank you!!!! 😍 I’m quite happy with it if I do say so myself!

      I’m not sure I transferred my followers over in time for this. I figured that out pretty quickly and sorted it all out! Looks like my notifications are going out now after posting my newest post!!

      Thanks for finding this one! xxx

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