Our Mini Moon at Harvey’s Point, Donegal

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**This is a updated version of my previous post with added/updated info**

“The Irish: be they kings, or poets, or farmers, they’re a people of great worth. They keep company with the angels and bring a bit of heaven here to earth.” – Unknown

 I hope everyone’s week is going good. I’ve spent the evening tanning and doing my nails. In much better form for it!

This post is a throw back to our first trip as Mr & Mrs…. The honeymoon period fading fast and needing reminders it actually happened!

Our Mini Moon…… Harvey's Point, Donegal

We got married in December and our Honeymoon wasn’t until May. We also got married at home in Dublin over the Christmas period. We decided a mini moon / break during Christmas and New Year was the perfect thing to do to wind down and just catch our breaths.

When we go home we barely see each other as I am with my family and friends and himself is with his. It’s great to see everyone but we do miss each other and the nighttime cuddle. Sleeping in your old single bed is just crap (and cold) when your used to a king with my very own hot water bottle, sorry, I mean partner……

Add getting married to this mix and it’s just a whole new ball game!

As with our honeymoon, himself booked this and it was a complete surprise for me. We left Dublin and hit the road on the 27th December. I was driving as we borrowed Mama Bear’s car.

No joke… left here, no!! my left, drive straight, mind the curb, what speed are you going, do we need to pull over! Having no idea where our destination was I was about to throttle him. He wasn’t telling me till we got there! We headed North and I was beyond excited. I was praying for Donegal as it’s been on my bucket list FOREVER!!

We passed through Leitrim 3 times! I was convinced we were lost but apparently passing this many “Welcome to County Leitrim” signs was legitimate.

We passed into Donegal and I was screeching!!! We saw a sign for Harvey’s Point and I signed… I Wish….

We kept seeing signs for it and after a long windy road with no more signs in sight, there was the turn for Harvey’s Point!!! I was feeling like one very lucky lady at this stage. He never fails to impress with our surprise trips. How he keeps out doing himself I will never know…….

Harvey’s Point

Our Mini Moon…… Harvey's Point, Donegal

Harvey’s Point is located just outside Donegal Town. Donegal is HUGE, so on the map, its in the south of the county. From Dublin it took us 4 and a half hours with a stop over for lunch in Bundoran (Also, bear in mind, we were the blind leading the blind to!)

Our Mini Moon…… Harvey's Point, Donegal

It’s a quite spot suitable for all kinds of holiday go-ers. It is pure relaxation with picture perfect settings. It’s on a lake that is just divine! We both said that in the summer months it would be paradise!

Harvey’s Point has been announced as Ireland’s Hotel of the Year 2017

By Georgina Campbell, Ireland Guide – The Donegal four-star hotel – also Ireland’s No.1 on TripAdvisor – was cited for its stunning location, luxurious accommodation and waterside fine dining restaurant. “But the real USPs are its people,” Georgina Campbell said.

We stayed here for 3 nights. I would recommend at least 2 nights. After one you would just feel so cheated at not having more time there. Also, opt for breakfast. Its buffet style but so indulgent and just what you need to feel pampered, on a well deserved break!

Our first night there, after travelling all day, we hit the bar. It was a round room with a round bar. Live music and mood lighting….. what more do you need? We spent a good few hours just unwinding and repeating to each other “Did we just get married?!?” Pure mush and vomit stuff….. Hey if you can’t do it the odd time right??

Our first full day, there was no way I was staying in doors. This girl was in Donegal!! It took me 27 years to get there, I was not missing anything!

Our Mini Moon…… Harvey's Point, Donegal

The Slieve League Cliffs

We drove to The Slieve League Cliffs. Similar to the Cliffs of Mohar with less traffic and tourists. It’s also higher and less famous. Possibly because its further of the beaten track. What a secret spot to find. Breath taking views… And lots of sheep! A bit of walking involved with cliff winds but so refreshing. It literally felt like the cobwebs had been blown away and was very energizing. There is something magical about being on the edge looking out to the Atlantic. Next stop New York. A path how many travellers have taken over the centuries. It always feels like so much more….

Our Mini Moon…… Harvey's Point, Donegal


We then ventured back into Killybegs. Starved after working up our hunger we were on the hunt for seafood. Where else would you go up this way for sea food! Killybegs is the largest fishing port in Ireland. Vessels docked that were so big in size I couldn’t believe it. This harbour is so big, this is where the wind turbos are delivered to! A cute town, if your ever up that way worth a stop off!


Donegal Village

Back on the road, burning up more miles on the Wild Atlantic Way into Donegal Village. A walk around the shops (The Sales were on….) a quick pint of the black stuff for himself and then home for dinner.

Harvey’s Point is a great base for Donegal. Within 2 hours driving you can cover and see so much of Northern Ireland. If you can manage leaving your room….

Our Mini Moon…… Harvey's Point, Donegal

On our 2nd full day we decided to stay close to the hotel (Code for…. I am NOT driving today). There are a number of walks around the hotel, trailed out and well mapped for you to stretch the legs. We kicked it off by the lake and kept going.

Beside Harvey’s is Lough Eske Castle and Spa. On our travels we popped in here looking for scones…. Come on, we were on holidays! A complete 360 to Harvey’s Point. It was more formal and grand, it is a castle after all. It was perfect and beautiful but a little more stiff to Harvey’s which is very much a home from home style. The spa was fully kitted out and if this is your thing you would be delighted with it as a pick. Me, I’m not a spa girl…… It was very pretty if that helps???

Our Mini Moon…… Harvey's Point, Donegal

Our final night was a 7 course meal in Harvey’s. This was included in the package himself went with. We got dressed up and were wined and dined so well leaving to return to our room was hard.

Our room was a suite. No room in Harvey’s is disappointing. Well maybe the broom cupboard…. I can’t say with honesty as I didn’t find it….

Our Mini Moon…… Harvey's Point, Donegal

From start to finish we where just spoiled! The only thing that helped us leave was knowing we had 2 more nights ahead of us in Ballycastle and Belfast. We both promised each other we would make it back here one day. Something we don’t say as there is always another spot….. This one though, a place you’ll never grow old off……

Another post coming on the rest of our trip…. You can’t venture North without doing a hell of a lot of sight-seeing…. There is so much to see!



13 thoughts on “Our Mini Moon at Harvey’s Point, Donegal

  1. It looks very romantic and beautiful! I have never been to Ireland. I have not even ventured up North in England. I really need to start exploring the country I live in more!!
    I am surprised you do not like spas. I am not keen on massages though which tends to shock people. And I hate getting my nails and toes done – I only like the result after.
    But anyway, wonderful photos and a lovely memory to have! xxxx

    1. What??? I’ve been travelling in the UK now for the past 2 years and honestly can say I never knew how pretty it was. There are so many beautiful places to see. I meet a lot of UK people who only staycation and i’m starting to think there not that crazy 🙂

      Ye, its the people touching me that kills…. Weird I know but… I’m also like that with getting my makeup done… It makes mer really antsy…. Nails I’m fine with, toes…. Not if you paid me. I have nightmares I’ll kick the person in the face… I have such bad tickles.

        1. Oh god, I just vomited… the thoughts of it!!!

          I’m just back from Hull. My sister lives there so I’ve been up there twice now 🙂 The moors, the dales and the lakes are all next on my list! xxx

    1. It really was! Donegal is such an amazing place. Staying at Harvey’s only made it that much better for sure! I was so happy to have travelled here, it had been on my bucket list forever!!! xx

    1. Thank you! It was magical.. the photos do not do it justice one bit!! Hopefully one day we will 🙂

      Have you found any of those programmes we mentioned? Currently watching Chicago Justice as we speak 🙂 xx

        1. We are a few eps in and I’m HOOKED!!!! Dying to know what you think 🙂 Have you Game of Thrones?? This season is my favourite yet! VERY different to be fair but equally loving 🙂 xx

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