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Earlier last week I shared with you the highlights of our 2017 year. With looking forward to this year I wanted to write down a London Bucket List. Here is what I have planned for 2018. 


Dagenham Market

Dagenham Sunday Market is owned and operated by Charfleet Market Operators and is our flagship Market, with over 600 stalls and thousands of visitors each week. Our record number is 15,000 visitors!”
I have been here before however, it has been nearly 3 years!! I really wanna get back here. It is defiantly my cup of tea. 

Harry Potter Studios

Do I need to say more? Ever since Primark launched their HP range I have been reminiscing and re-reading the books. Now, I just want to go here and see it all live
London Under Ground

Cliffs of Dover

So this is outside of London BUT as we have the car this year, I want to take some day trips out of the city. One of those is to see the cliffs. I’ve seen them from the air, now I want to stand on them or beside them and see them in all their beauty up close and personal.

Kew Gardens

Kew is London’s largest UNESCO World Heritage site offering unique landscapes and iconic architecture from every stage of the Gardens’ history. Our collection of living plants is the largest and most diverse in the world, growing out in the Gardens and inside our glasshouses.”
In my head, I imagine this place to be paradise and I really want to go see it. A few London bloggers have been this year and their pictures like fabulous. I need to see for myself!  

Richmond Park

We have a Royal Park here in Greenwich and it’s one of my favourite weekend haunts. Richmond Park is the other side of the city for us and quite a bit away. I have a feeling the journey will only make it sweeter!

Abbey Road Zebra Crossing

Sometimes, just sometimes I like to thicken my accent and play the tourist. This bucket list item is one of those times. I just think living in London now nearly 6 years, it’s shocking I haven’t found myself here yet. 


Another road trip I’m hoping to make this year with himself. If he’s reading this I’d rather do this as a weekend with afternoon tea thrown in for good measure…. Wink Wink, nudge nudge. 

Tower of London

“Over the drawbridge and behind the castle walls lie unexpected tales of lost princes, WW1 spies and daring escapes.
I never really thought of visiting this place. I always pass it and never notice it. Recently while in Stockholm we visited their palace and LOVED it. Now we are thinking it may not be a bad shout popping in here, it is on our doorstep after all. 

A Show in the West End

There will never be a show I don’t want to go and see. It’s the best night out and one I’d love to do again this year.

Tower Bridge at Midnight

Don’t ask me why but I have been wanting to head into London at night for so long. I think night photos are so much prettier than day. This is one I want to complete sooner rather than later.

Just have to convince himself to drive me in!


So there is my London Bucket List for 2018. Completely doable that if I fail, permission to berate me left right and centre!
What’s on your local bucket list? Anything you’ve always wanted to do in your hometown that you just never got round to?

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  1. I went to Bath last year and it was so picturesque! I’m sure you’ll have the best time there 🙂 And Happy New Year, wish you many trips and new happy experiences <3

  2. Interesting to know that there is a Harry Potter Studio, cool! I have always wanted to visit some parts of Brooklyn. Funny how we can live 30 minutes away from something then we end up not visiting.

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