Let’s Take A Minute to Talk about the Maids

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**This is a updated version of my previous post with added/updated info**
‘Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends.’  Kate Spade


Planning my bridesmaid dresses was one of my favourite parts of the wedding prep if I’m honest. For me they where much easier than some of the outfit choices in the party.

How I ranked the outfits for the day was:
1: My Dress
2: Moma Bears Dress
3: The Maids Dress
4: Everything Else

From my experience my dress was the easiest. Moma’s was the hardest. The maids, the most thought about and the one’s we could have the most fun with! I truly believe they can be whatever you want them to be. I do not feel they should be this way or that way… Have at it and go wild!

My bridesmaids were my little sister and my little sister to be. Two people in my life who were crucial to our big day. I wanted them to feel beautiful, loved and JUST as important as me on the day. Why?? Because they of all people deserve it the most!!

My thoughts behind their outfit happened early on. I saw the below picture and fell in love with it! Recreating it was going to be tricky and I wasn’t sure I could pull it off. I had a few people raise eye brows BUT I just loved this idea!

Found on Pinterest nearly 2 years ago.. Not sure on the source

We looked at a few options but anything wowzer and typically Bridesmaid-y comes with a lovely price tag. Back to my earlier comments on if people see / hear the word wedding…. Price hike!

The girls were two different skin tones, two different heights and two different styles. How was I going to make them both feel beautiful….. I kept coming back to the original picture…. If I get something in my head, ye good luck changing my mind.

Bridesmaid Dress

The Search….

In Camden Market one wet November day, we were with a friend who had travelled over for the weekend. Strolling through the market I saw THE tutu. I grabbed it for fear of anyone else picking it up!

I had one in hand, please for the love of God let them have a 2nd one…… They did, buried in the back! If this wasn’t a sign I don’t know what is. The price: £20 each. For a tutu, with pearls, in a similar colour to the picture….. Get in!!

Himself thought I was delusional. She’s cracked, the wedding is getting to her….. Was I serious? Put the tutu down. Poor thing hadn’t seen my vision. Queue a major domestic, right there in the middle of Camden. After showing himself the picture and telling him what I wanted he came round. See….. trained well!

High Five

 Over the next few months I was keeping an eye out for the second piece of the puzzle. The top. I take great pride in telling you it was himself who found this piece of the puzzle in the January sales. One was in store, the other bought online as they didn’t have a second one in store. Piece two, smashed! And for the lovely price of £12.75 a piece! If you’ve missed the fact I love a bargain you’re forgiven.

With the two pieces hanging in my wardrobe, they stayed lacking for a few months. A necklace was purchased but just wasn’t it. The summer before the wedding we were home for another Wedding and decided to go into the city for a day of sight-seeing. While there we popped into Powerscourt Town House for a nose. We found a feather necklace that was PERFECT….. with a price tag of €150 a piece. Yep, I didn’t love it that much!

Queue some Crafty thinking…..

For the wedding we had a AMAZING lady helping us with a number of things. Asta Fashions. My head-piece, mom’s head piece, mom’s enite outfit, dress alterations and additions, literally a super woman with a needle. I took pictures of the necklace in this boutique and sent them on to her. In a heartbeat she responded, Hell Ye let’s give this a go! Any idea I had, she was up for. She made them and both cost less than €100. Winning! A massive saving.


The shoes were the final piece of the puzzle. As the dresses went to the knee, I didn’t want the girls changing into slippers in the evening and ruining the look. I wanted something comfy for them to be able to wear all day and all night. We went with kitten heels from ASOS which were a bargain at £19.99 each. They were very similar to mine and that sealed the deal. Another sign 🙂


It seemed once we got one piece the rest fell into place. If you have an idea on what you want your ladies to look like on the day, go with it! I can honestly say it would have killed me not to go with this one. I loved it as much as my dress if not more.


I thought it was fun, Christmas-like with out the obvious choices, feminine and above all comfy with style.


Initially the girls weren’t sold. My vision wasn’t coming through. We had a few looks, a few is she serious??, one at least it’s not peach taffeta….. But when it all came together, and seeing it on the day with everything else, it was the perfect choice.

I had two bridesmaids all the way through and to the end! My lovely sister-in-law found out a few months before the wedding that she was expecting our first niece! She skipped walking the aisle and the tutu but was in our wedding colours on the day and by our side at the top table. I mean come on! Its hard work having 1 job at a wedding let alone 2, bridesmaid and flower girl!


My advise to any bride to be is enjoy this job. I know it can get stressful, and if you have more than 2 in your party, good woman, but do take it all in. Chances are your girls will never let you dress them again 🙂


14 thoughts on “Let’s Take A Minute to Talk about the Maids

  1. You are incredibly creative! I love how you sourced the outfits and I agree in that the bridesmaids should feel really special as well. I don’t understand when people put them in unflattering gowns! Xx

    1. All along, I kept telling my sister I was putting her in the most awful of gown just to wind her up 🙂 It was brill watching her squirm hahahah!! But for sure, they need to look and feel just as good! They where my best girls so gotcha make em feel it!! xxx

    1. Thank you!! I loved them so much! I still have the tutu in my closet! Hoping to reuse them this year for Christmas parties 🙂 xxx

        1. Ahhhh no!!! Another lady said the same….. I’ll have to get on to support as I have no clue why that would be!!! Thank you for telling me xx

    1. Thank you!!! I really loved them so much!! Just as much if not more more than my dress 😂
      Have you any ideas in mind for what you would want? xx

      1. Not really! I totally want a winter wedding someday so I’m thinking some sort of blue would be nice but I’m not sure what they’ll look like otherwise. Maybe with a white faux fur shrug kind of thing! 🙂

        1. Snap!! I loved the idea of a winter wedding! There so much more popular these days to…. There doesn’t seem to be any restrictions now a days which is amazing! Blue would be fab to!! Ahhhh how about we plan it and have it all ready in anticipation 🙂 Defo the fur!!! Then you can get the DJ to play the song boots with the fuuuurrrrrrr xxxx

            1. 😂😂😂 for sure!! And don’t you worry about finding him…. A catch like you will be beating them off you!!! I found my husband when I was hell bent on being single!! Mad how it works 😂❤️

    2. Thank you!! So glad you liked them! I’m still thinking on what I can do with mine…. It was a 3 piece so theres a number of things… it’s just the thought of saying goodbye to the original is a tad sad… xxx

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