Let’s do this….. Why I started Mrs S. LDN

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People who use swear words regularly tend to be stronger emotionally and more intelligent….. Being Irish & an avid swearer, I am 100% behind this!

So a little bit about me! I’m Irish, living in London since 2012. How time flys when you’re having fun. I love arts and crafts, if I can make it I will. It doesn’t always go to plan but hey! at least I tried. I have two kids (cats) who rule the house, but are frigging awesome! #Bella  & #Tuki


Last year was a crazy one for me. I spent the whole year pretty much planning my wedding. This year, with no arts and crafts, DIY projects or wedding “things” to do I decided I’d like to give this a go. I mean I even have the blogger mug…..


I wanted a place I could use to showcase a number of interests I have. A few things I’m hoping to cover are below:

  • Arts & Crafts (I recently purchased a sewing machine, VB better watch out 🙂 )
  • New Recipes I find ( I am a relaxed member of WW, chipping away a lbs here and there)
  • My goal on finding the perfect full coverage, affordable foundation. Rosy checks are not so cute all year round! No need to paint my shame on here!
  • Married life! Any tips on how not to k@ll him much appreciated 🙂 On second thoughts, send tips on how to get him to Hoover, much more productive and appreciated !
  • And finally, being a tourist in London, finding gems anywhere we can!

If I go off track on any of these, please forgive me! I’m hoping that putting it down here will help me keep focused. I’m also hoping I get better at this as time goes by.

So here goes, hopefully it won’t be an EPIC fail!

Love…… Mrs S.



Let me hear your thoughts!!