Keeping Your Wedding Flowers – How I Preserved Mine

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I will not be another flower picked for my beauty and left to die. I will be difficult to find, and impossible to forget – Erin Van Vuren

Keeping Your Wedding Flowers

My wedding flowers have been screaming at me for about 2 months now, demanding I show them the love and affection they deserve. This month on my to – do list was to figure out what I wanted to do with them and get it done! They would not be left by the wayside for another month… I promised them!!!

In my wedding flower post – Wedding Flowers – 8 Tip’s from one Bride to another – I went through my choices and tips for anyone picking their wedding flowers. In this post I’ll be sharing with you what I did to keep them… I adored them so much I just couldn’t part with them.

The usual research started and I found the below:

  1. How to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet: 6 Bloom-Saving Methods
  3. Pinterest

Last weekend we also hit our local Hobby Craft…. I am dangerous in this place. My inner craft Goddess goes into over drive in here, and my head starts spinning!! It’s a stand back and leave her to it moment for himself bless him.

While strolling through, looking for water paints (How expensive are these btw???… Madness) I found these Box Frames…. ON SALE!!! If that’s not a massive sign I don’t know what is! Yep, bagged and wrapped and off I went with a mission.

I wanted something simple and classic so a white frame worked well for this. My bouquet had been upside down for preservation and I simply starting cutting them. For anyone who does this professionally and is sitting there thinking what is she doing???? It’s ok…. I didn’t want it perfect, I wanted it rustic…

So I simply cut and placed them in any which way inside the box. I also had his pin hole flower so I used this as a centre piece and worked my way out and around. Make sure you use newspaper underneath as it goes everywhere! I also used some cardboard from our Wedding Stationary as a background. It looked much better than the white that came with the frame.

And there ya go, it’s already found its place on the wall!! I even marked them. There are a load of ways for you to keep your flowers, this one just worked best for me. I didn’t want something to big, just a little ode to my little darlings from a memorable day!

How I Dried My Flowers Out

  • From the morning of the wedding, my flowers were kept out of water.
  • After the Wedding, we wrapped them up loosely, in crepe paper and put them sideways in a paper bag. One that didn’t squash them and they had room to move.
  • After about a week we turned them upside down and simply left them in the back room.
  • Any time we moved them we handled with EXTREME care!

Have you guys ever kept flowers? What have you done with yours?

Lots of Love….

Mrs S.


24 thoughts on “Keeping Your Wedding Flowers – How I Preserved Mine

  1. I’m definitely going to preserve my flowers when I get married and I’ll probably come back to this post when it comes time to do so!! It’s such a good idea to frame them!! 😊 xx

    1. hahahaha so glad to hear this and you better let me know when the time comes!! Will wanna hear all about it!! xxx

  2. I asked my florist on the best way to dry my flowers. We did the same, hanging them upside down and leaving them. I really don’t know how best to preserve them though. Since mine are multiple flowers, my florist advised me on which ones wouldn’t dry well, so we took them out. Now I have a tiny little bouquet of dried flowers sitting in a vase on my table. It’s nice, but I like the idea of a frame 😀

    1. Ou that was super helpful!! Esp taking out the ones that wouldn’t dry well!! I only had 2 types of flowers and both where ok for drying so that was handy!! Can you split the bunch? Keep half in the vase and the other in a frame?? xxx

    1. Thank you!! Defiantly agree! You spend so much time, energy, money and everything else on the big day that by the end you DO NOT have the heart to throw anything away!! I have a huge keepsake box of everything we did and its so much fun opening it up every now and again!!
      Thanks for stopping by xxxxx

    1. I really liked the idea of it! I’d seen so many other brides do it online and knew it was something I wanted myself!! Its so nice seeing them around the place… they defiantly make me smile 🙂 xxx

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