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“I have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce” – Unknown

With all the new series and fixtures on Mrs S. LDN I wanted to start a monthly round-up post. A way for you guys to catch up on any posts you may have missed or if your new to the site something to help direct you through the maze that is my blog!

I also wanted to do it as a way to push myself forward. To see it in black and white what I’ve accomplished in the month and take a minute to gather myself for the next one to come.

These posts will hopefully come through on the first of every new month so keep an eye out!

So let’s break it down shall we?!

Blog Posts

#WCW Series

Amy Poehler

J. K. Rowling

Lauren Bacall

Sarah Jessica Parker

Dolly Parton

I am really enjoying this series and I hope you are to. A special shout out to Laura who guest posted for me this month with Lauren Bacall. It was so cool having a fellow blogger get involved and love the series as much as I do.

Throw Back Thursday

If you have been following the blog for some time now (if that’s you, wow, THANK YOU) you’ll notice I’ve been refreshing some of my original posts. Updating them and giving them a new lease of life. This month we’ve brushed up:

Moving to London….. 12 Things We Learned Along the Way….

Let’s Take A Minute to Talk about the Maids

Our Mini Moon at Harvey’s Point, Donegal

You Can’t Go to the North of Ireland with out following the Coast!

My Tan Routine & My Top 6 Products to Use

It’s been so nice for me to look back on all of these posts. It’s also been really cool to see how much I think I’ve progressed… Some of the earlier ones where a tad cringe for me BUT now there all fresh and snazzy so there’s my silver lining! I will continue to be doing this over the next month.

Blog Series

We have a few new series now. My Tips from a Newbie as well as my Snoop Snoop Series. I am so happy to see the volume of traction on these. I’m really enjoying them and it’s amazing to hear how much you guys are to! These will defiantly be continuing into next month

Tips From a Newbie – Are You Mobile Friendly?

Tips from a Newbie – Blogging Schedule with Angela

Tips from a Newbie – Facebook Groups

Snoop Snoop – August Edition

Another special shout out to Angela for guest posting here to! I was delighted Angela could share her tips with us. Every little helps as they say!

London Town! & Lifestyle

The World’s Largest LEGO Store, London, Leicester Square

Get to Know Me

Just two this month outside of the series and I’m so upset over this. I really need to up my game so that is a big thing for me this month. I need to share more posts on my life and what I get up to each month. I’m making you that promise now, ahead of September! Hold me to it.

Blog Admin

I have had a mini rebrand on the blog. I’ve redone all my feature images in the hope it feels more professional. The previous one’s where starting to bug me. Change is also good so that’s what I’ve spent the last half of the month doing. Also, I found that when I moved self hosted, a lot of my previous posts where not coming though as well as they should be. I’ve taken them of and will be updating them each Thursday as part of my throw back!

Do you like the new feature images?

Social Media

Yep, kicking ass here if I do say so myself! Posting something, somewhere at least once a day. Are we following each other?




I’m finding I now enjoy this part and am loving the daily updates. Something I hoping to keep up this month!

Daily Life

This month has been crazy for us! We’ve both been away each weekend and the last month of summer has well and truly been spent well. We where back in Dublin for a wedding, meeting my new niece Callie, up in Hull with my little brother and sister, a long weekend with the bank holiday and finishing it up with another trip home for Callie’s Christening!

All go here in the S household for sure! The cats will only be delighted we have no plans for September. Oh and I also got my hair chopped! More to come on that in September.

Hope you guys are enjoying the series, is there any in particular you enjoy most? Do let me know below!


4 thoughts on “August Month Review on Mrs S. LDN

  1. I like this little wrap up post! You’ve posted so much lately, it’s awesome! I’ve been rereading some of your older posts, and I remember some from when you first posted them!! Feels like we’ve been following each other for ever 😀 😂

    1. I thought it would be a cool little number alright! Keep me on my toes! You should so look into it to with your post schedule! Its nice to see if you missed out on any to as a follower!
      I know how crazy is it! Your blog was one of the first I found! Its beautiful seeing how much we’ve grown 🙂

    1. 🙂 It’s well handy I love it, gonna keep at it!! Plus you get to see the work your doing, sit back and be like yeeeee Pat on the back for you this month 🙂 xxx

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