Is My Blog Mobile Friendly? Tips on how to check!

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“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you”

Last week I dived into Pinterest and shared with you what I had learned on this platform. Find it here:

Blog Series – Tips From a Newbie – Pinterest

This week I wanted to run through whether or not your blog was mobile friendly.

According to Google:

“Mobile is changing the world. Today, everyone has smartphones with them, constantly communicating and looking for information. In many countries, the number of smartphones has surpassed the number of personal computers; having a mobile-friendly website has become a critical part of having an online presence.”

Up until last week I hadn’t even realise if my site was mobile friendly or not!! I had been reading up on Google Analytics and this is how I came across it and started looking deeper.

Google, being Google have a number of tools to check in on your page and see how its performing. So before we go any further the 2 links below is where I would suggest you start…. If you haven’t already 🙂

Mobile Friendly Test

Using your URL you can see how you are performing. The test will show you what you’re nailing and where you can focus your efforts in getting better.

Originally mine was quite poor. I then looked up what I could do and below is what I went with.

When in doubt…. Plugin….

I’m working of WordPress, hosted by BlueHost. This plugin worked well for my setup. I’m also using the theme Ashbury. Make sure your theme is set up with a mobile site version. Without this you cannot activate it!

So the plugins I used that worked for me and my setup are:

WPtouch Mobile Plugin W3 Total Cache

These work together so both need to be downloaded and activated together. You will also have to configure W3 Total Cache to make them work. Once you install them a red error will come up. It’s in this box you’ll find the instructions needed for them to be turned on! All the instructions are related to W3 Total Cache.

Once I did this I re-ran my mobile friendly test with Google and BOOM!!

Mobile Friendly Page Results

My site also looks the same now on all setups, desktop, tablet and mobile!

Another google Tool I found when researching this is Google’s:

PageSpeed Test

“With PageSpeed Insights you can identify ways to make your site faster and more mobile-friendly.”

This tool has been super helpful in that it has identified a number of areas I need to work on.

Google Speedpage Areas of Improvement

So this is what I’ll be working on for the next week or so. Wish me luck!

Has anyone used either of these tools? I’m probably late to the party but hey…. At least I finally made it!

If there is anything else I need to be looking at re: the above do let me know below. Would love to hear what you guys have found?!

25 thoughts on “Is My Blog Mobile Friendly? Tips on how to check!

    1. Ou do let me know how it goes and if you find anything different that works!! There seems to be a few ways of doing things so always good to know a few 🙂 xxx

  1. I’ve just found out that mine is mobile friendly which is great, I’ll go check the speed now! Thanks for uploading this post, it’s really helpful to check everyone can see your posts with ease x

    1. Yay!! You go girl!! I friggin ADORE your name to!!!
      Hope your speeds went well to!! Not to worry if its not, its always improvable 🙂
      Everyone seeing everything clearer and quicker is best for everyone!! We a terribly impatience generation 😂😂😂

    1. Hey!!! Thanks so much for dropping in! I can’t find a link to your blog / page??
      So happy you enjoyed it. I’m hoping to use this series as a way of a) proving my research and hair pulling is worth it and b) help others in the same boat as me! So I’m chuffed you found it useful xxxx

    1. Hey Doll!! I know it might seem like I’m creating even more work for us but each one has been pretty quick at tweaking 🙂
      But if your nosy like me you’ll be dying to know your stats 🙂 xxx

    1. Up until a month or two ago I was right there with you…. But, i’ve now pulled the sleeves up and have gotten stuck in!! That and the idea of paying someone something I can learn bugs me 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it xx

    1. Yay!! So glad you enjoyed it!! I need more posts dedicated to Pinterest for sure, its just so much in one platform 😂
      I don’t think i’ll ever get it fully but here’s to trying!
      Thanks for stopping by xxx

    1. Yep! And theres a few different ways of doing it. I found some more “techy” ways which went over my head… This way I was able to figure out easily!! If your happy with your mobile site, hey, happy days!! Mine was just bugging me, hence the lets get this sorted game face 😂 xxxx

  2. I’ve never really thought about the mobile aspect, I always read wordpress blogs on my laptop or desktop pc so i guess I never took into account what others use. Thanks for sharing this xx

    1. I’m 50/50…. Much prefer it on the laptop but its not always there for me if I’m on the road…. Do you use the reader? A few people have mentioned this but i can’t get my head around it…. I read the blogs I follow via your email notifications! That works for me but may not be the most productive hahahaha xxx

    1. I never notice it on others but I did on mine and it bugged the hell out of me for sure!! Those follow buttons…. on some sites its like looking for a needle in a haystack!! I’ve not followed someone simply because I just couldn’t see where or how!! Its scary how many lost followers that can be for someone for sure!!
      Glad you liked it Pam, I’m really enjoying this series 🙂 xx

  3. This was super helpful! I haven’t ever thought of checking if my blog runs well on mobile and so excited to hear about the page speed test and how you make it better soon x

    1. So glad it helped!! Thats the aim of the game with this series and delighted its helping others for sure!! How did your blog hold up?? If you find anything interesting please do share xxxx

  4. Ohh this was so interesting! Thankfully my blog is mobile friendly, great to be introduced to that site though, I’ve book marked it to check when I change my theme in the future! Will gave to investigate that paste speed one!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

    1. So glad you found it helpful!! I’m researching all this kinda stuff for my blog and I really wanted to share it with everyone… It’s no fun doing it alone!! Oh thats a great idea, i didn’t even think of a theme change to check it again! Great shout!! xxx

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