What I’m Working On This Month…… Blog Wise…… August

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“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
Of cabbages–and kings–” Lewis Carroll

How the hell is it August already?? Is anyone else feeling this year is just flying by???

With a new Month comes a new plan, a new schedule and a new series for Mrs S.

With What I’m Working On This Month series, I wanted to highlight my monthly blog plans and goals. I’m hoping it will spur me on and give me some structure.

This month on the blog I’m going to continue looking into Pinterest, (Newbie tips on Pinterest here…) I still feel I haven’t done enough on this platform! How’s everyone else getting on with it?

The below list is what will be focused on this month for Mrs S.

  • Instagram – Are We following each other??

    • Look up Hash Tags that I need to be using when I post.
    • Upping my Post game, I’m hoping to maybe sign up to once a day…. Hold me accountable for sure!
    • Look into Hashtag Shadow Bans
    • Getting in front of the camera more….. I will conquer the selfie! Or try to anyway 🙂
  • Connect more with bloggers in my niche

    • I have decided to label my blog a Lifestyle blog……. By doing this I have found over the last 2 weeks it has enabled me to fine tune my research…. I also feel it will enable my growth to be more focused…. It’s also a little bit of a weight of the shoulders now that I have picked / decided on one… Has anyone else found this? I feel like I have more of a goal / structure / plan.
    • With this I want to look more into other Lifestyle blogs and influencers. See what there doing and learn more from them
  • Get More Structured

    • I have now set up a Blog Calendar…. I know right??? Check me out!!
    • The plan this month is to use it and follow it… New Bible of sorts
    • I’m going to also try to utilise the Schedule Post feature. So far it’s been working like a dream for me and I can’t believe I didn’t tune in to it more before!
  • Facebook Groups

    • I have signed up to a number of these in the last few weeks… More on that to come next Monday.
    • I’m hoping to use them more and be more active on them… So far they have been very good to me so I’d like to continue being where they bring me 🙂

Stay tuned for my Monday series as a lot of what I find out will be featured in them!!

What is everyone else focusing on this month? Has anyone looked into any of the above??

Instagram hashtags??? Anyone found one that’s working good for you? Would love a starting point!

Also, on a side note, today is our babies 6th birthday!!

                                                      Happy Birthday Bella & Tuki ❤️

Bella and Tuki - 6th Birthday

Roast chicken dinner for them tonight! Himself also promised us a cat tree for their present… I will be holding him to that 🙂


19 thoughts on “What I’m Working On This Month…… Blog Wise…… August

  1. Yes, I agree- the year is just flying by! :O. I’m glad you have more focus now since deciding you are a lifestyle blog :). I know I should categorise myself, but I enjoy writing about too many different topics. I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say about Facebook groups 😉

    1. It worked well for me but it might not work for everyone!! I completely get you when you mean boxing yourself off! Plus I enjoy seeing different things, I’m kinda thinking lifestyle in a loose way 🙂
      hahahaha yep, Facebook groups up next week so be sure to keep an eye out Missy 😂 xxx

  2. Isn’t scheduling great? 😀 It really does help in terms of trying to stick to a posting schedule. Also, I like your new header Hazel! Whiskey in a teacup sounds very much like you 😛

    1. I think I have the hang of it now for sure!! Plus it helps me keep focused and know where I am through out the month. With out it I almost always sit down to to a bit of work and end up looking at a blank screen for over an hour 🙂
      Thank you!! I’ve been playing around with a few things this month, glad you like it 😘 xxx

  3. Yeah I completely agree – this year has disappeared before our eyes!! Good luck with all your goals I know you’ll smash them 😊 and happy birthday to Bella and Tuki!! 🎂🎉 xx

    1. Thank you!! I wasn’t sure on them at first but there defo growing on me now!! Are we following each other on Insta?? xxx

  4. Girl I have just the post for you – how I take my selfies haha!
    My goal is to FINALLY join Facebook and get involved with the groups! I am the Instagram hashtag queen ha! I can give you some popular ones if you would like?
    These are great goals. I love your posts and would be super happy if you could post more so I can read them more!! xxxx

    1. I have since read your post 🙂 I have been taking more in the morning, cleaning up my room and looking for backdrops ever since. Sadly my bathroom has no window… If it did….. 🙂
      Girl send me all the hash tags you have, I’m in desperate need. Up to now I have found when i use them they get much more traction than without so thats why I wanted to get more into them!
      So glad you like the posts! Im having to much fun to stop now so there will be plenty more to come I promise little lady xxxx

      1. It doesn’t have to be a bathroom, just somewhere opposite a window or natural light.
        General popular hashtags are #instapic, #positivevibes, #love, #happy, #lifestyle, insta anything like #instafashion, #instamakeup etc.
        I always use #blog, #blogger, #lifestyleblogger. Then there are fashion one’s like #fashion, #style, #outfit, #fashionblogger. The trick is as you start typing a word, look at the options Instagram gives you and how many people have used them.

  5. Yayayaya Insta Buddies!! Love it!! Hopefully i’ll smash them, getting my bum in gear to nail it this month for sure!! Have you any blog goals for this month? xxx

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