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How I Plan My Blogging Week PIN

This little series is well and truly on it’s way. I’m loving it each week and hope you guys are to! If one person can take something from these posts then I’m over the moon with that!!

Here’s a few posts of what I’ve covered so far:

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This week I wanted to talk about how I Plan my Blogging Week.

I work full-time Monday – Friday. With my job my hours kinda vary but I’m technically 9 – 5. I find planning in advance and having set tasks on set days works best for me to make sure Mrs S. LDN ticks over smoothly.

This post will outline what works best for me and how I carve out my time to my little corner of the world.

My posts have quite a bit off structure to them. I have set days of the week were set series are published, like this one, my newbie post. By having set days for everything I know where I am and what I’m planning / posting for. It also enables me to post 5 times a week and not panic!

Weekly Blog Schedule

I like to be at least 6 posts ahead of myself. This gives me breathing room and if something comes up I’m covered to step away from the blog for a day or two if needed. I mean I do have a life outside of this. Also, some days I’m just not in the mood so instead of wasting hours looking at a blank screen and missing a post slot, I can take my time and know whatever I do post will be what I’m happy with. There is nothing worse than posting for the sake of posting.

During the weekends, at least one morning out of the two I will spend writing up posts. I have a notebook filled with my post ideas that I pull from and I crack on. I tend to write them all up on my mac and then once I’m happy with them all I start formatting them onto the blog and making the pictures and headings. For me, being in writing mode and then moving to format mode after is a big help.

In the past I would constantly swap between the two and I’d lose time like sand through my hands. This is what I have found works best for me! (This formula also goes for my posts, I’ll crank out a couple of WCW then move on to Newbie, then move on to lifestyle, see where I’m going with this?) 

Blog Planner

Once scheduled and good to go, I log them in my monthly planner to keep up with them all and know what holes / posts are missing. For my pictures, I normally do these in bulk at the weekend. Then I’ll edit them when the post is ready. The picture is my last port of call.

During the week I also have days where I have set tick lists. I find that if I focus on one thing at a time I am way more productive than trying to do everything at once.

Weekly Schedule

By having this set up I know what I’m doing each day and can get what needs to be done completed. The odd time I have had to  switch it around or take my break day mid-week but by having Friday free it leaves room for change.

I have been blogging now for nearly a year and over the last 11 months I have found out the hard way what works for me and what doesn’t. This set up has taken a while for me to get to but for now, is what works well for me and my circumstances.

What works for you?


21 thoughts on “How I Plan My Blogging Week

      1. I have a planner/calendar where I know which posts are going in for that week. I only post once a week as well. Anymore would be too much. Balancing blogging with work and family life is pretty hard! Luckily I work from home though. Xx

        1. Since moving over to the panner life seems a lot more simple let me tell ya! Seeing things in black and white right under your nose helped me loads!! Once a week is better than nothing a week so fair play!! Balancing it all is tough, if i had kiddies thrown in there i’d be a goner! Wow, how do you manage working from home? That must take some motivation?! xx

          1. It’s actually pretty great. I’ve always worked around my children…they come first. The older they get the easier it becomes too. My job as a beauty therapist is quite social so I guess that keeps me motivated. Xx

            1. Wow that must be the best feeling! We had our mom at home with us to and I loved it! It’s the best and I appreciate it more and more as I grow older knowing we had that time! That sounds like so much fun! You much be super chatty for sure 🙂 xx

    1. You are the lady behind my motivation for sure!! I’m not near the daily postings but maybe one day 🙂 Thank you for encouraging me xxxx

  1. Well Mrs, hats off to you for being so organised! i have no schedule at all, and I get frustrated with myself for it. I used to post twice a week, but I found that too much pressure, so I promised myself I would do one pst a week, and if I manage two, bonus! I love your idea of having a schedule for your social media too, fab idea xx You have inspired me to try to work out a schedule!

    1. Hahaha its been a long time coming let me tell ya!! A hell of a lot of trial and error to begin with and getting into a routine! BUT delighted it has all come into play thats for sure! I feel calmer for it to!! Ye I always forget about social media so having set days really helps!! Once a week is better than nada a week!! You gotcha look at it that way 🙂 xx

  2. 6 posts a week – you are a machine! I post twice a week and try to have one of two week’s posts ready ahead of time. If I know I have more free time I’ll get as much done as I can/feel like x

    1. I used to be twice a week but I do find I get more traction on the blog with more posts… dud that sounded really obvious hahaha That and a good few of my fav bloggers post every day so I had a good incentive to up my game if that makes sense! Can / feel like is defiantly the same for me! Some days I’m kicking ass and taking numbers, others I’m like do i even have a blog?! hahaha!! Something is better than nothing though!! Would you want to increase how often you post? xx

      1. I used to post three times a week and oddly enough on the days I don’t post now. In the past year or so the blogging game has changed so much, some of the people I knew when I first started update less often (or not at all) and if I’m honest at time it’s been hard to find new, loyal readers. Maybe I should consider upping to three again or changing days. Do you have particularly busy days with your weekly series?

        1. I get what you mean. A good few of those I originally followed when I first joined the game have dropped of the radar! Others have increased, it’s hard to know! I find my Monday, Thursday and Sunday posts most effective stat wise. What days do you post now? Increasing posts have never been a bad thing for me…. xx

            1. Do those days work for you? If so stick at it! The saying if its not broke don’t fix it ya know!! Have you plans to increase or decrease posts? xx

  3. 5 posts a week! You’re just smashing it my dear! 2 posts a week is more than enough for me, you’re doing so well to be keeping so far ahead of yourself at any one time. Well done you xx

    1. It works fab when I have a plan. This weekend I was away so am a little behind than usual but having the weekend off was so nice! Back to the grind this weekend and maybe putting in a bit more work midweek will get me back on track quicker! For now its good for me, maybe in a few more months it will get tiring… we shall see how we go! xxx

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