How I Met My Husband……

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought this would be an apt post!

Myself and himself have been going steady for nearly 9 years now! Even writing that sounds crazy. It’s like no time at all and then I can’t remember a day not having him in my life.


I was 18 when we met and he was 22. I’m now 27 and he’s 32. I was only starting Uni and  he had already finished and was working in a grown up job 😂


He knew my brother as they both went to school together. His mom told me years later she met me when I was 8 playing in our garden while she picked up my brother. Small world……

I was working in a nightclub behind the bar and he was a regular customer. We had a lot of banter back and forth for weeks, he always made me laugh from the bottom of my belly!


One night he asked for my number, completely under the influence. He was worse for wear and I did think he was pulling my leg. I gave him “A” number, my brother’s number. Of he went and that was that. The next morning I came in to breakfast to hear my brother say he had a good few missed calls from himself, I clearly thought this was hilarious.

Another weekend after that I got the night of and decided to head to the club. I had a feeling he’d be there….. And he was! That night I gave him my number and a kiss for good measure 😘

A month later we made it official and that was Dec 12th, our anniversary

We travelled a good bit


We moved in together


We got our two babies


I thought him how to drive……

Then in 2012 we decided to move to London.


It was the scariest craziest thing we had done up to that point but we did it and haven’t looked back. We got new jobs, a new home and a new life really. Things were going perfectly!

So perfect that in June 2015, on a trip home, he proposed! It was beautiful and perfect and I was a slobbering mess 😍

He did it by the lakes in Cavan, while staying at the Farnham Estate. We had talked about it, but in a few years time…. When it happened I was so surprised! I really did think it was way more down the line. He got me good!

And my ring!!!!!


He had it made for me and had actually been listening to me each time I mentioned anything about what I might like! Sneaky right?!?! 😀

Another 18 months of planning and enjoying the bliss, we tied the knot! Dec 22nd 2016! We kicked of the party season! And in a month that was always ours! On the day 32 years previously my parents also tied the knot. A very special day all round.


So there you have it, our little love story. As the quote goes, every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite!

Hopefully we have many more chapters to go…….

Lots of Love

Mrs S.



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