Hong Kong, a Little of what we learned while visiting….

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Heyyyyyy… 🙂

So my first post about the honeymoon! Hoping to break it up a bit in blog posts so keep an eye out! If you missed any off my posts in the run up to the Honeymoon be sure to check them out below 🙂

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Our first stop was HONG KONG!!

Hong Kong, a Little of what we learned while visiting....

From London Heathrow the flight was 12 hours on the button. We boarded at 6pm and were able to sleep most of the way. We (I mean him really) booked us into World Traveller Plus for the flight. For any flight over 6 hours I would highly recommend this! You are more comfy and you bounce back quicker leaving you more time to enjoy your destination. We also scored extra leg room on the way out which was very enjoyable!

Hong Kong, a Little of what we learned while visiting....

The time difference in Hong Kong for us in London was 7 hours ahead.

Not knowing where I was going, any pre planning on sites to see was not an option. He had done some and booked us on some excursions via our travel agent so we had some structure to the holiday already set in play.

Hong Kong 3

We had a car arranged to pick us up from the airport. Walking out at arrivals and seeing our names on a plaque was so reassuring, especially in a place we had never been and with a language barrier. Having transportation already booked was a huge relief and something you should think about if you ever travel abroad.

Hong Kong, a Little of what we learned while visiting....

We are on the Three network in the UK and Hong Kong is one of their feel at home locations. Great news for us as we could use our mobile data with no nasty charges! If you don’t have this I would suggest aeroplane mode so as not to get any nasty phone bills in the post when you return home.

Hong Kong, a Little of what we learned while visiting....

Lots of people in Hong Kong wear face masks. 😷 The locals I mean. After a few days here we soon figured out why….. Lots off mommies here clearly never thought there little ones to cover their mouth when coughing. Same goes for spitting and phlegming their throat. Maybe I’m a tad freakish on this but you stand in a lift with someone doing this and not think you’re catching the bubonic plague…… It’s very much the hypochondriac in me.

Hong Kong, a Little of what we learned while visiting....

Hong Kong has the most skyscrapers in the world, 63 more than New York. The sky line is sensational. I’ve seen New York and I’ve seen London and Hong Kong is my favourite by far!

Hong Kong, a Little of what we learned while visiting....

Hong Kong means “fragrant harbour” in Chinese. This is one of the busiest harbours I’ve ever seen. Each morning we woke up and out our window was boat after boat. Small, medium and large ones. Hustling and bustling. It was so nice to see and showed that they must be doing something right.

Hong Kong, a Little of what we learned while visiting....

The main language spoken here is Cantonese. We found most people got by very well on English and found it very easy to communicate with everyone.

The tallest building in Hong Kong is the International Commerce Centre or ICC. Above the ICC is the Ritz Carlton. You can go to the building and it has an observation deck with 360 views. Or……. you can do what we did and go to the sky bar in the hotel for a drink with a view 🙂

Hong Kong, a Little of what we learned while visiting....

On Sunday’s, the house maids get a day off. They all congregate in the streets and subways. We saw them in their hordes sitting around on cardboard mats, eating and drinking and having the chats. It was crazy to see (there was so many of them everywhere we turned in the city) but also lovely as they were all there having fun and enjoying each others company. In a huge city like this its nice to see the people coming together.

If you’re a smoker, you can only bring in 19 cigarettes. Not packs, 19 individual ciggies. In Heathrow when we tried to buy some duty-free (Mega perk of going long haul) We were told this and advised it’s quite strict. Talk about another reason to kick the habit!

Coming up next is the top sites to see in Hong Kong and everything you need to know about a short city break here!!

Lots of Love…..

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14 thoughts on “Hong Kong, a Little of what we learned while visiting….

  1. Fantastic post. I love that you have included information on Hong Kong and gave a real insight into the culture. The sky line looks amazing. It must of been reassuring having a car on arrival and it shows how much detail your husband put into everything. Look forward to seeing more. Xxx

    1. Thanks my love!! Delighted you liked it!! As I mentioned above to Angela there’s no better feeling seeing someone on the other side of airport security 😂😂
      The skyline…. “Swoon”…. Pictures don’t do it justice let me tell ya!! He is a superstar!! I promised I wouldn’t nag on him for at least a month 😂😂 xx

  2. Lovely! I never knew Hong Kong meant Fragrant Harbour, that’s really cool! I’m with you on booking transportation from the airport, it’s nice not to have to worry how you’re getting to your accommodation 🙂

    1. Hey!! I know right! What a lovely name. Dublin means black and pool….. Not as appealing 😂😂
      Theres no better feeling than seeing your name on a board esp in a room full of strangers who don’t speak your language!! I think the worst feeling in the world is walking out of the airport to see no one. I blame love actually and it’s opening credits for this 😂😂

    1. Hey!!! Sorry for the late reply! Been upgrading the site! Ahhhhh….
      We got some sleep which was better than none alright 😂
      Jet leg when we got home, felt like a delayed hangover, never had it before it wasn’t to good, at least we came back to a 4 day week!!! 🙌
      Its was in the high 30’s but felt more with the humidity…. Never had anything like it. Took a few days to get used to it but with a pool handy and summer clothes on it wasn’t to hard!!! xxx

    1. 😘 Thanks, glad you liked it! Have a few more posts coming about the rest of the trip! Keep an eye out xxx

  3. all these photographs are so beautiful! definitely makes me want to explore the world! cant wait to read more about your honeymoon!

    1. Thank you Daisy!! What a beautiful name!!! 😍

      I’m already pining for another trip! Starting to plan now 😂 xx

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