Home Sweet Home ❤️ Never Underestimate a Good Nights Sleep in Your Own bed!

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Heyyyyy….. 🙂

F. Scott Fitzgerald Quote

We’re Home!

Back to reality. Back to the house. Back to our babies. Back in our own bed for a good night’s sleep!

I thought I would feel sad or blue upon our return home but I’m feeling good. Content. Relaxed. Ready to be home. We were gone for 17 nights in total. We hit 3 major cities and had a paradise island thrown in there for good measure. A trip of a lifetime for sure.

We travelled. We explored. We learned so many new things and ate so much I feel like Little Miss Piggy for sure. I loved EVERY minute of it all.

I think I may have finally NAILED packing. I unpacked and repacked 3 times. I have gotten less angry and narky about airport security. I have truly seen a different way of life out East.

I am really looking forward to posting about our trip in the next few weeks. I’m thinking long and hard on it to make sure I get everything in and do justice to this trip himself planned. I have a whole new respect for him now after all this.

Today is a bank holiday here in the UK so we have one more day before being thrown back into the usual routine. We have also brought the weather home with us 🙂

We have an unimaginable amount of washing to do and unpacking is the last thing on my list to do…. The last job being the hardest. Putting everything away and getting on with things. Saying our last farewell to our vagabond lifestyle.

So without further ado, below are the places we went to and a short video of our pictures to tide you over until my posts start coming!

Mrs S. LDN – Honeymoon 2017

Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Pangkor Laut, Singapore

Lots of love……

Mrs S.




15 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home ❤️ Never Underestimate a Good Nights Sleep in Your Own bed!

  1. Sounds like you had an amazing trip and made some amazing memories!! Loved the video such adorable pics!! Looking forward to future blog posts on your trip!! 😘😊❤ xx

  2. Welcome back home!! I’ve been following you guys on Insta, and it all looked amazing! That little video with all the extra photos was a nice tease 😛
    I’m excited about the recap posts 😀

    1. Snap!! I never used to be until we got our two little terrorists!! Now I’m a proud convert!! Missed them terribly but not so much the paw in the face wake up calls 😂 xxx

    1. I love this song, we used it for our wedding video to so seemed apt!! Thank you!!
      We had a ball! Already planning the next. He said I could do it all this time but after an hour or so he was like nahhhh I need to know where were going…… How did you not?!?!
      It was so much more of a experience for me though not knowing! Would highly recommend it!! Xx

        1. Oh boy, hope he doesn’t kill me 😂
          Are you the kind of person who would be ok not knowing?
          I thought i’d hate it but i didn’t…..
          A few people who knew what we were doing thought i was bonkers 😂

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