Holiday Shopping! Where’s my Mozie Spray…..

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FINALLY the weather in London is on the Up. The Winter clothes have been shoved to the back of the wardrobe not to be seen again for ages! The flip-flops are in sight and the feet scrubs are in full action 🙂

It is now 4 weeks until our Honeymoon, Destination: UNKNOWN

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Guess whose been practising her flat lays 🙂

Yup, that’s right, I have NO CLUE where I’m off to. Himself has planned the whole trip and been keeping it hush since last August. How he’s done it, I do not know. I know I couldn’t that’s for sure!

This weekend, as it’s a long weekend here with Friday and Monday being a Bank holiday, we said we’d get out and pick up everything we needed for the Honeymoon, together!

In Ireland, on Good Friday, you can’t go to the pub, they all close. They also close on Christmas day. Just 2 days of the year….. Nothing mega. You also can’t buy alcohol on these days either. For some reason, every year, these are the only 2 days that you WANT to go and have a few drinks. The day before is always a mad dash to the shops to stock up the fridge. In the U.K this is not the case. So naturally, each year we have been here on Good Friday, we’ve hit the beer gardens. This year, himself got very excited 🙂 Soooooooo as you can imagine, me dragging him around the Blue Water Shopping Centre, hung over, in the heat, may as well have been complete and utter torture! (I enjoyed it massively if you didn’t already guess that :))

Me being me, had a list prepared and knew what I needed.

The main thing was swimwear. Does anyone actually like shopping for swim wear?


I know we are going for 17 days and I know there will be access to a pool. Every year I always avoid swimwear until the last-minute and end up having to grab whatever I can find and I am never happy with it. I’m always self-conscious and end up hiding under a towel or dashing into the water to cover up. This year…… I am learning!

To one piece or two piece… That was my first task. My one piece search was for a high waited bottom and a supportive top. Think pin-up….. Could I find that? Surprisingly no… I can’t be the only one who dreams of being a pin up can I?

They all just looked ghastly on me and I was NOT walking out of the changing room in them let alone around a pool. This got knocked of the list sharp-ish.


Moving swiftly onto the one piece – In my head all I had about these was elder ladies and intense olympian swimmers. Great!!!

Oh was I wrong! Delighted to admit that! In the end, after multiple shops, I was able to narrow the list down and purchased not 1 but 2! Am I right to think they may be the new 2 piece?

The Black Number

The Teal Number (Not exact one, mine has sheer to the neck)

Next on the list was lotions, potions and Mozzie defence to the extreme. EVERY time I go away I seem to get bitten a gazillion times so if you ever need advise on this stuff, look me up!


We hit Boots as they had a good few offers on Sun Cream (Sun Cream or Sun Screen?? Anyway ya get my drift!)

I have typical Irish Skin. I BURN, turn RED, PEEL, the go back to pale with the addition of a freckle or 2. Bottled tan is my friend, not gonna lie. So, factor 30 and above for me!

Blog Pic 3


Himself is one of this people you just hate. He sits in the sun for a minute and he’s golden, no redness, no soreness, just tanned…… F*&k£r

Good old Aloe Vera.. Probably an old wives tale that stuck but I always have this with me and I stick it in a fridge for desperate times!

Pic 2

We also found this in shower aftersun…. Could be a winner, could be a disaster… I’ll let you know how it goes.

Lip care for us both! Mine will be fully used by the end of the holiday. His will most likely still be in the packaging. Hey…. I tried!

We also picked up some plasters, pain relief tablets, Rennie and the oh so glamorous diarrhea aids. I’m a just in case kinda girl! That and I see food anywhere and I’m like ouuuhhhh, I’ll have that! I’m also shocking at water in take and if where we go is a high heat place I’ll need an extra hand….

Blog Pic 4

Next on the list was shorts. I already have cotton ones, tailored ones and a pair that can dressed up or down. I wanted a pair that were elastic and versatile. These cuties were picked up in Dorothy Perkins for £16. Grand job! My wardrobe for bottoms is now complete.

Blog Pic 5

I saw this and I couldn’t resist! £5!! How could I pass this?? Also, I love the length, long enough to wear to the pool with nothing else! Plus baggy which is always a nice thing in case of sunburn!

Blog Pic 6

Something that wasn’t on our list but I found in John Lewis was Kate Spade luggage tags. They only had His & Hers ones, I kinda fancied personalised ones. So a bit of online shopping and I found these bad boys from Zazzle! A good bit cheaper to! Ordered and on route in time for the trip!

Blog Pic 7.png

At this stage himself was getting snarky and impatient. Could be the hangover, could be the lack of food, could be hanging around dressing rooms and carrying my bags is wearing thin…..

A few more things on the list to get to complete my packing but I’m hoping to do these on Easter Monday by myself. It’s easier that way! My magpie shopping tactics can be done without grunts and disapproving looks 🙂

What’s Left:

  • Tee’s
  • An oversized white linen shirt
  • Tanks
  • Bikini Cover ups
  • Prescription Sun Glasses
  • Accessories – Whatever catches my eye
  • A Sturdy small handbag – for the days we are sight-seeing and I don’t want to carry too much around
  • Last minute toiletries – If I buy to far in advance I’ll just use them

It’s finally feeling very real and very soon! I am so excited now!!

Any guesses as to where it will be?? I’m hoping South East Asia!! 🙌

Lots of Love……

Mrs S.




11 thoughts on “Holiday Shopping! Where’s my Mozie Spray…..

  1. I loveee those little shorties. They look so comfortable! And no – I can’t say I enjoy shopping for swimwear haha – but you look like you’ve hit the nail on the head! Looking forward to many happy snaps from paradise! 😘

    1. 🙂 The shorts are my new fave. Plus elastic waist, in case i burn, or over indulge on cocktails! Either way a winner! I can’t wait to find out! I’m hoping to blog the entire thing so keep an eye out! T minus 3 weeks!!! Yikes!!

  2. Fabulous purchases! I especially loved the shorties 😍 Great find with the luggage tags. I must confess, I went straight to the Zazzle site and ordered some in preparation for my honeymoon in July. I can’t wait for you to share where your honeymoon destination is and see the photos. Well done to your hubby for keeping it a secret and hats off to you for letting him plan it. I have ZERO chill when it comes to planning major events 😆 l’d need to veto everything, so I salute you 😃 xx

    1. Yay dying to see your tags now 🙂 Mine haven’t come yet and I can’t wait to see them in person!
      Ou where are you guys going??? It’s so exciting!! When is your big day??
      🙂 Its been so nice not knowing though, if i did know i think id go into overdrive and stress. The no worries approach is suiting me nicely this time round! xx

      1. The tags will look so great on your luggage 😍 The wedding’s on 15th July 🎉🎉 I’m so excited, I just can’t wait! Oh honeymoon will be the week afterwards. 2 weeks in Mauritius 🏝 Have you got any suspicions or hopes as to where you might be going on your honeymoon? Btw, your mini-moon looked like so much fun. I’ve never been to Ireland but it’s certainly on the ‘must see’ list. When it’s time, you’ll have to give me some advice on the best places to finish xx

  3. Love this! The style you use to write it makes it so entertaining and easy to read! I could really relate to your preparations for sunburn – it seems to be a main part of my holiday planning too! 🙂

    1. Hey! Thank you, that means a lot! 🙂 The sun protection is beyond a joke! Irish skin and all. Not many can feel our pain!! Thats so much for stopping by xx

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