Here’s to 2018, My Year Of Growth

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Earlier this week I had the roundup of 2017! I have fond memories of 2017. Now, I want to look forward and plan for what is to come. 
Over the years I have made numerous resolutions. Each year they have been pretty much the same and every year I have failed miserably. I have always set myself up to fail. Who does that?
So after a good few days of pondering, I have decided to scrap resolutions for 2018. No more lose x amount of weight, no more visit a gazillion places here, there and everywhere, no more tall orders. Instead, I’m going to focus on more attainable fields of growth. 

So here goes……………

Take More Photos

Take More Photos

Over the festive period this year, I took zero pictures. Some may think that’s a good thing and I was to busy having so much fun! I think I’m being a lazy bum in need of a new habit. While going back over my pictures of 2017 I realised there where so many moments I didn’t capture. I wanna capture more this year and with my new phone (and kick ass camera) I have no excuse!

Be More Minimalist

Less is More 2018

I have been trying to tone down my wardrobe lately. So far it’s going down a treat. I really want to move this into all areas of my life. The wardrobe felt liberating, I can’t wait to continue it.

Be Kinder to Me

Hazel 2018

Normally on my resolution lists is lose a few pounds. I do wanna keep this in mind but only because I have had a very indulgent Christmas. I feel better a little lighter and I wanna get back there, for me. This year I want to focus more on the positive than the negative.

Try To Be Calmer

Your My Favourite Pain in the Ass

I am no wallflower and sometimes I know I can be a handful and a bit “cray cray”. I want to focus on being more calm and level headed. This one is mostly focused on my working hours. My job can get stressful at times but that doesn’t excuse me. I want to focus on zen. Laugh all you want but I feel like this is a personal area of growth I want to expand with. 

Get Back to the Kitchen

Bake 2018

This year, food-wise, I think I learned 5 maybe 6 new recipes. How bad is that?! I want to get back in the kitchen and tackle at least one new recipe a month. I love to cook but with last year being quite hectic I lost touch. I miss it and just want to get back into the swing of things! 

Communicate More


As we speak I have 18 unanswered WhatsApp notifications, 234 unopened emails and 3 voicemails. I tend to put work first during the week and everything else for the weekend. I need to get a better balance and make sure my loved ones don’t think I’m MIA for months on end. This one should probably be at the top of the list as it’s the one I need to focus on most!

So there we have it! My areas of growth for 2018. What are you focusing on this year?


17 thoughts on “Here’s to 2018, My Year Of Growth

  1. Happy New Year lovely!!! I also stopped making those kinds of resolution that you mentioned in your intro, did it for many year and also never stuck to it. Love your new plans for the year. It’s all about being happy and being good to outselves ❤️

    1. Yes!! I love how more and more people are seeing the new year like this. Normally I’m not a fan of new years but this year I really enjoyed it! Hope you had a good one and here’s to your areas of growth in 2018 xx

    1. I agree! It took quite a few years to realise they never worked. Hopefully this time next year I can look back and say I’ve grown in the areas mentioned! Here’s to 2018!! Xx

  2. I am totally trying to take more photos in 2018 as well because I feel like I forget so many wonderful moments because of my lack of commitment..Good luck with all of your goals, I am sure you will smash them! xox

    1. It’s not even funny! It’s hard to find a balance tho from being on your phone all the time and so anti social to making sure you capture the moments! Finding the balance is what I’ll be aiming to do! Have you made any goals for this year? Xx

  3. I’m definitely trying to communicate more and find a balance. I think juggling work, blogging and social-life is stressful enough, ignoring all the other things. I definitely want to keep experimenting in the kitchen and be kinder to me. xx

    1. The blog / life / work balance is still something I’m trying to figure out! Lately I feel like I’m failing with at least one at any given time! It’s really hard and draining! But I know if I gave up one I’d suffer more! Kinder to ourselves is always a good thing! Hope you had a lovely new year and best wishes for 2018 xx

    1. Im hoping it’s just a new habit / routine that needs to be pushed! If you find any tricks let me know 😀 ouuu what kind of phone?? I got a Huawei and the camera is epic!!! Xx

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