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“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you”

This week, if you follow me on social media (Instagram, Twitter & Facebook) you’ll see I’m in Dublin!! With being away I have asked my beautiful blogger friend Angela to Guest post for me!

Angela blogs over at Life of Angela.

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So while I’m sipping whiskey’s and ginger’s, Ang is gonna take over! So without further ado…..

Hello friends of Hazel!
Angela here, filling in and trying to think of tips to share!
So I thought how I could help in terms of blogging tips, and Hazel suggested I write about sticking to a schedule, since it’s something I suppose I’ve done well. I’ve been posting daily since I started back in early March, sometimes posting two-three times a day. A little bit crazy sure, definitely for everybody.
So today…….. I want to share with you how I stick to my blogging schedule.
That’s the first tip I wanted to share actually. What schedule works best for you? We’re balancing our blog on top of our daily life, how much time realistically can you spend on it? Once a week, two or three times a week, or go nuts and do it every day?? The important thing is to stay consistent. Yes, life will throw curveballs, and if you have to stop or take a break that’s fine. But for the most part, in your daily or weekly world, where can your blog comfortably sit? 
Once you’ve worked out a schedule, how can you stick to it? If you’re serious about your blog and want it to grow, then consistency is one of the key things to help you build your audience. Plan posts in advance, give yourself time to write, take pictures. I mean give yourself lots of time, cause inspiration can come and go and let’s be honest, some days you just don’t feel like it. So space out your time in the week with planning, editing, and when you want your post to come up. Having a series is also a good way to come up with regular content. This can be reviews, tips, lists, photo journeys, recipes, what you ate..whatever you want!
Once you’re happy with your post, schedule them to come out at the same time each day. That way your readers know when to expect a post from you! Something else you can do, is reposting. Once your post is published, then you can reschedule it to come out again a few hours later. That way, readers who may have missed it, will see if later on and it’s a good way to encourage more engagement. I haven’t done this too much, but I do think it’s a good tip!
So yeah that’s all I got. A lot of this may be how you guys already run your blog, it’s how I run mine, and it works for me. All of us run our blogs differently, but I do hope that you guys have gotten something helpful from this when it comes to sticking to a schedule!
Thanks again to Hazel for letting me hijack Mrs S. LDN for this post 😛

A huge THANK YOU to Angela for guest posting for me today! Who better to ask about Scheduling than the lady kicking ass on a daily basis!! Any questions you have for Angela, please feel free to comment below or get in touch with her over on her blog 🙂


12 thoughts on “Guest Post – Blogging Schedule with Angela

    1. I post late to!! Didn’t think of that actually…. I was only just thinking should I post earlier to get more of a chance on views over the day…. I haven’t tried it yet either but prob because I keep forgetting and going to bed. Ive been working on a throw back thursday kinda thing… Updating posts from way back, so a repost but months later! Have you had a chance to try it? xxx

        1. For sure!! Since I moved self host a lot of posts before hand don’t have SEO or any of the new functions I have now so I have slowly but surely been updating them and bring them back into the fold!! Its been nice to see some of my older posts in comparison to now and updating them to look a little nicer / better has shown me how much I’ve grown…. Have you found this? xxx

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