Getting Back to Basics!

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Lately, I have fallen off the blogging wagon and just was not bothered getting back on. I went weeks sitting on the couch each evening binging on Gossip Girl and Cadbury’s. In a complete rut, going around in circles and coming up with every excuse in the book to just jack it in. The thing is, lately it feels like I’ve given up on a lot of things, not just blogging. I blame the January blues…. Is anyone else feeling this?

The weather is shit, payday seems forever away, the social calendar has dried up in comparison to the Festive period, it’s been easier to sit on the couch and sulk then get up and do anything let alone hold myself accountable for anything. On top of all of this, I have a horrid cold that I just can’t seem to shake!!

Back to Basics

It seems every avenue of my life just hit a massive slump. My job has hit some speed bumps like the rug has been pulled under from me. Where I thought I was, now seems to be a million miles from where I’m actually standing. My usual routine for my skin has been thrown to the wayside and I’m suffering the consequences of this with an almighty breakout.  I’m eating whatever I fancy and feeling chunky. I’m avoiding certain people because I know flat out they kick my ass and tell me to practice what I preach. Seriously, that is not me! I’m the one helping you lot get your ass together. I need AND want to get to that. Pronto!

The only good thing, thank goodness, is himself. Putting up with my negative Nancy ass is hard at the best of times but he’s been a trooper and kept me in a supply of hot water bottles, bringing me back from the brink and shooting straight and harsh questions at me that where needed. The questions I was sticking my head in the sand and trying oh so very hard to avoid. Sometimes you just got to hear it from those closest to you.

Back to Basics

Thursday was a changing point for me. I finally sat down and thought about what I wanted to bring with me into 2018 and what I was leaving behind. What I wanted to change, what I wanted to remain the same. What I wanted to add to my life and what I wanted to shake. A mental declutter if you like.

On a side note has anyone read Get Your Sh*t Together by Sarah Knight? Mind-blowing…. if you are feeling like I am you need this in your life!!

Also, it is not lost on me that the time of the year ties in with these thoughts and feelings and don’t worry I’m pissing myself at how cliched I sound. I haven’t completely lost myself that I can’t see the funny side!

So, I’m not gonna say I’m back but I am gonna say that this doom and gloom mood hoover is over. It’s done with and I’m getting back up and getting my Sh*t together. Negative Nancy is no fun long term. So with a massive coffee in hand, a date night planned for tonight and a new cough bottle in hand I’m getting stuck in and am off to practice what I preach!


P.S – Dry January is being jacked and I’m having a few drinks tonight and I cannot wait! I may even bring out the liquid eyeliner! If that’s not a woman on a mission I have no clue what is!



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9 thoughts on “Getting Back to Basics!

  1. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been in a bit of a slump Hazel! It’s hard to get motivated, especially when it’s cold and dreary outside. It’s good that you’re starting to get over that mental block, and hopefully loads of inspiration (and hopefully some sun!) will come your way 🙂

    1. The days are staying brighter for longer so that has definatly improved my mood! How has the weather been down your way?!? Slowly but surely getting back on the wagon! How you post daily is still awesome to me 🙂 xxx

  2. Girl! Yes, yes and more yes. This time of year brings out the true lazy in me. It’s hard to get motivated when the weather is crappy and your social calendar has all but dried up. I’m so happy that you’re pushing forward and hopefully your creative juices will be flowing in no time! Sending hugs! xo

  3. I think we all get those slumps, try not to be hard on yourself xxx. I think your right, January slump is real, and I think the slower pace of life makes us notice more and assess more. You will be just fine, you got this xxx

  4. Sounds like you could do with some of our NZ sun to cheer you up, I’ll take your gloomy weather any day! The hardest part is taking charge and accepting something needs to change, you’ve done that and you’re back on the way up x

    1. Oh I could defianlty do with a little bit of that for sure!! What!!! No way, our doom and gloom gets old pretty quick! Esp on a monday morn when your heading out to work! xx

    1. Thank you!! And thanks for stopping by! I promise normally when I’m on a roll the blog is pretty active! Still trying to get back into it!! It became quite a chore for a while! Have you ever experianced anything like that? xx

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