My First Love…. Happy Father’s Day ❤️

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Happy Sunday!!!

Today is Father’s Day and I couldn’t let it pass without mentioning mine….

As you grow older you realise your parents are human and they can make mistakes. They can be wrong sometimes and that their ways may not be the only way in life. But you also start to see more and more the things they did and do for you. What they may have given up in order to put you forward. That everything they do, even now when you and your siblings are all grown up, is all for you. My parents made parenting look like a walk in the park!! Myself and my 3 siblings lucked out when it came to parents and we all know this.

They say your Dad is your first love and I do believe this. When I was little, and dreaming off my wedding day, my dad was always the constant. It never mattered who the groom was, at that time I didn’t know who it would be. It was always my Dad walking me up the aisle. He was always the one on my arm giving me away. Standing with me, holding me up and showing everyone how beautiful I was. Last December we got to live that dream and it was better than I ever imagined. Walking down the aisle with him by my side made me feel 10 feet tall!

I’m stubborn, determined, strong willed and out spoken on topics I feel passionate about. I get this all from him. I won’t pipe down and I stand up when I feel I should. I never shy from things and if something needs to be done, it gets done in the best way it can. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. He thought us all on how to have an opinion and how to get it across. He may not look like a feminist but he raised two kick ass ones along side my Mom so to say he knows a thing or two would be right!

Growing up I had so many ideas and crazy plans… I was never told No. Never told you can’t do that. Never told that’s silly. I always had Dad behind me telling me I can do it. He’s the voice in my head pushing me forward to this day. Can’t or won’t Hay….. A problem shared is a problem halved…. You go Girl!!!…What’s the worst that can happen, you can always come home… No doubt this is why he has 4 cliff jumpers, none afraid of the unknown.

Our house was the place we hung out when we where younger. Everyone was welcome and our folks joined in the fun. Many a night we spent around our round table playing cards and having a few drinks. Dad always said yes to people coming over and covered for us with Mom. He is always the one to pull up more chairs when needed and make sure the drinks cabinet is ready to roll, with lights on 🙂 We have always shared a drink with our folks from when we where old enough to do. This is now my favourite thing to do when I go home. He even hosted a toga party for us all, complete with fairy lights hanging in the garden. It is the little things you always remember so clearly in your mind.

My Dad is practical. So practical that Mom got us our presents and Dad got us what he thought we needed. One year brake fluid and jump start leads. Car matts for the new car, a battery for my brothers golf cart… The list goes on. All the things we never knew we would ever need, he had us covered.

Dad thought us not to just use our heads but our hands too. None of us are afraid of a bit of hard work and it has stood to us all over the years. DIY, household maintenance, we all left home knowing how to do things we never would have thought of doing.

Dad also picked the best partner in crime… Our Moma! In doing so he created the best couple dynamic I have ever known. One I always want to recreate. One I admire so much I married the same day they did. They may not always agree on everything, but to us kids we would never have known. They always put on a united front and show us how it’s done. Growing up he always told us how beautiful our Moma was and showed us in more ways than one how we should be treated. They have raised 4 deadly children, each as stubborn and perfect as the next.

Not many of you will know, but I have kept my maiden name. On here I am Mrs S. but on everything else I am still a McCann. This is why I have kept my name. I am apart of this tribe my Dad helped to build and it is my proudest accomplishment in life! These people are MY people.

So, here’s to the man who raised us, thought us to be ladies and gentlemen, thought us how to rock a hat, thought us to be strong, proud, beautiful and good people. Here’s to our Dad!

Happy Father’s Day Dad!! Love you, more than chips!!

Lots of Love…

Mrs S. (Hay)



17 thoughts on “My First Love…. Happy Father’s Day ❤️

    1. I really enjoyed writing it! Seems to have gone down well with Dad to 🙂 Hope you had a lovely Father’s Day! xx

  1. This was such a beautiful post! Such an amazing way to honor your dad. I’m so glad I got to spend time with my dad this Father’s Day! I just found your blog through Angela and I’m so happy I did! xx

    1. Hey!!!!!! Welcome over and a shout out to Angela for introducing us!! 😘
      Thank you! This year sadly I couldn’t be at home with him so I thought this was something I could do to help that! I will be seeing him in August though so I’m sure we’ll be having a drink to this and every other holiday we’ll have missed in between! Thanks for stopping by xxx

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