A Day Trip to Cadbury World, Bournville, Birmingham including 5 Top Tips for your Visit

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A Day Trip to Cadbury World, Bournville, Birmingham

Chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a tree, which makes it a plant. Therefore, chocolate is Salad – Bill Murray

Those of you following me on social media will know that a few weeks ago I was at Cadbury’s World with my mom and sister.

Cadbury World Feature

Cadbury World, Bournville, Birmingham is a 2 hour journey from London and the perfect day trip for any chocolate lover.

Cadbury Tour - Cow Selfie

Located in Bournville, a community created mostly by the founders of Cadbury’s in 1879 is a working factory. The tour is in a section of the grounds that is purpose built for the general public. You know you have entered Cadbury land as all the lamp posts and signs are the famous purple colours.

While on the tour you learn the history of Cadbury’s, the background of the founders, the work life of the employees and the journey the company has travelled to be what it is today.

Cadbury World Site Map

You book a time slot and this allows you to enter the self guided exhibition. It takes a total of 2 hours to complete and you can go at your own pace. It starts with the origins of cocoa, then onto the high street store of the founders to the relocation to its current home now. You learn about the packaging of the  dairy milk buttons and the flake bars. They also reveal the secret of how they get the egg yolk inside the cream egg!

Cadbury World Flake Store

At different stages around the tour you pass members of staff handing out bars of chocolate. Bring a bag, by the end of it we had so many between us. The tour also includes marketing through the ages, from the Crunchie’s Rollercoaster to the Drum playing gorilla.

Gorilla Playing Drums

Calabra is another delight, a casual ride through a chocolate wonderland with magical creatures. 4 to a car and suitable for wheelchair users. A fun opportunity to have your picture taken with your group.

Our favourite experience was found in the Green Screen. A chance to dress up and get involved with the magic of Cadbury’s. You can purchase these photos after for reasonable prices. We got key rings and photo frames.

Green Screen Flake Photo

What is nice to let you know is that the whole experience was very reasonably priced. Online tickets are slightly cheaper, for one adult it is £15.91. There is a cafe on site offering hot drinks, cakes and basic warm meals. A cake and a hot drink can be purchased for £4.95. For a top notch tourist attraction we expected to pay so much more.

Cadbury World Store Purple

5 Top Tips for your Visit to Cadbury World

Book your ticket in advance, online. It’s slightly cheaper and means you avoid unnecessary queues 

Arrive at least 1 hour before your time slot to check out the store, grounds and other experiences on the grounds

Stock up on the 860g Dairy Milk bars, yes you read that right! At £5 a piece, you won’t find a bar this size anywhere else

Pace yourself, take your time and enjoy the tour at a leisurely pace. It is a once in a lifetime experience

Parking is available on site but limited. Be prepared to hover around for a bit.

Have you ever been to a Chocolate Factory?


9 thoughts on “A Day Trip to Cadbury World, Bournville, Birmingham including 5 Top Tips for your Visit

    1. Oh it was so epic!! I loved every minute of it!! Suitable for all ages!!! There is a few around the world to which I didn’t realise!! You should so check this out the kids would be delighted if say!! Xx

    1. You have got to go!! Virgin train tickets are so reasonable if you book in advance!! You need to go 😀 we are alike but not personality wise! She’s very wise and I’m a little crazy hahaha xx

  1. We went there last year and got sooo much free chocolate! I enjoyed the chocolate making demonstration too and the yummy hot chocolate in the café. We decided that advent calendars weren’t just for children, so my partner and I got one each, and for anyone who can’t see to read the displays, there was an audio guide for the self-guided tour. Well worth a visit for all chocolate lovers!

    1. It’s so much fun isn’t it?! We where like big kids running around!! The guided tours is a great shout we saw a few people on these!! Thanks so much for the tip!! Xx

    1. Exactly, what is not to love!! It was also so much more fun than I thought it would be, they really have done a great job with it!! I looked up other companies similar but I don’t think others do it which is such a shame 🙁 xx

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