Cutting Your Hair – The 7 Things I have Learnt Getting a Long Bob

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A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.

Coco Chanel

On a recent trip home I decided to chop my hair off. I had been thinking about it for ages and finally decided to bite the bullet!

Hazel hair on Wedding Day

Why I knew it was time for a change?

  • I no longer had to worry about my hair for my wedding day. It has well and truly passed.
    • In the year and a half up to the wedding I wasn’t able to do much. Myself and my hairdresser where on plan for the style I wanted and everything was focused on that!
  • I wanted to change things up. It’s been long for over 3 years now!
    • Some days I even wanted to shave it all off!! At its longest it was past my belly button.
    • Change is Good!
  • I was so fed up with styling it and only having about 2 different looks!
    • You get into such routine with your hair it’s not even funny!
  • I trust my hairdresser 100%.
    • Kirsty has been with me now for so long that the thoughts of going to anyone else is terrifying!! When a hair dresser gets you… Hold on tight!
    • Kirsty can be found here if you based in Dublin…. Call my girl!!!


Hair Inspiration from Pinterest
This was the Pinterest Inspiration we Worked from!

I know right??!! Who wouldn’t want that kinda hair??! Now, before you all go crazy, I get that I cannot look exactly like the picture. I didn’t show Kirsty this and be like “wave the wand and ka-boom this s**t!” This was just the wavelength we where trying to be on. I promise!!

Before and After Shot - Long Hair to Long Bob
The BEFORE and the AFTER!

I think it’s bang on the money! Did I mention how awesome Kirsty is??

5 Things I have Learnt Getting a Long Bob

  1. My morning routine is about the same as before. When people always say “Oh it much be so easy now”…. Ye…. go away! I still have to wake up and tame the beast. I have a job where I kinda need to look presentable….
  2. Far less shampoo and conditioner is used. FACT. Seriously, my wallet is loving it!
  3. My previous go – to hair styles are no longer applicable. I have had to start from scratch all over again. Can be seen as a good thing, can be seen as a bad thing?!?! Youtube / Pinterest have been my new best friend!
  4. New Toys to play with…. I mean Hair Necessities…   Hair Brush and Velcro Rollers
  5. I feel better for it! I’m excited to see my hair come down healthier and happier now. Previously the ends where in quite bad shape. Now… my hair looks fuller and in much better condition.
  6. My hair has shape to it! It looks like I’ve actually had it done! When you simply trim long hair it can be 50/50 whether people notice it. They defiantly notice this new look that’s for sure!
  7. Finally… think long and hard on it. Don’t do it on a whim. By the time I sat in the chair to have this done I was ready. I’d been thinking on it for a good few weeks! There was not 1 tear shed. Be ready to do it!

So…. what do you think????

New Hair - Long Bob



23 thoughts on “Cutting Your Hair – The 7 Things I have Learnt Getting a Long Bob

  1. You suit the shorter hairstyle really well! As for using less shampoo and conditioner, it takes soooo long to get used to using less, especially if you’ve had long hair for a while.. When I cut my hair short I couldn’t get out of the habit for a really long time, haha. x

    1. Hello Dollface!! It feels like its been ages!! How are ya?!?!?!?
      Thank you! Thats so nice to hear 🙂
      Completely agree!! The first few washes I used to much and it make it greasy super quick!! I learned fast to tone it down!! I cannot wash every day, it would drive me bonkers. I try and go min 2 days max 3 days… Maybe its a old wives tale but I always heard its good to let it go a few days….. Maybe its not…. Any ideas? xxx

      1. I’m alright, just busy and stressed, haha! How are you?

        I wash my hair every 2-3 days too, maybe longer in between if I feel like my hair hasn’t gotten as oily yet.. I definitely use dry shampoo in between washes because I want my hair to feel and smell clean though!

        1. Poor baba! Hope it gets better! All good here, feeling the seasons change for sure!

          Phew… Im not the only one! Go team 🙂
          Whoever came up with dry shampoo needs an appreciation day! I use batiste dry shampoo. Ive tried cheaper versions but they never come up good! Ive seen ads for the new Aussie one…. can’t find it anywhere though…. 🙁

  2. I’m loving your new look but truth to be told – you would look gorgeous in any hairstyle! 💁🏼My hair is currently below my waist and we have this love hate relationship. Some days I’m just loving it and flipping it over and then I wish I chop it off right on the spot! I also want to donate it, so I’m going to wait a little bit more and then hope for the best 😁

    1. Awwww thank you my love!! So sweet!!
      WHAT!!!! How the hell do you maintain that length?? You need to spill your secrets 🙂
      Do not snap and chop lady you’ll cry!! You need to think long and hard!! Ou donating would be fab!! I had colour in mine so i don’t think i could have 🙁

    1. Thank you my darling!! Im happy with it for sure! AND done by a professional hahaha!!
      Oh my, I found that pic and i was like YES!!!! It sure is a amazing pic for hairdressers to push colour hahaha!!
      Great minds for sure!! That or we just happen to be kick ass trendy ladies hahaha xxx

    1. Oh you would have well fancied me more with long hair for sure hahahaha!!!
      Loving it now but at the start I needed a hell of a lot of product for dutch courage! Glad i went for it though! My hair feels good now! If that makes sense 🙂

    1. Thank you my darling!! Much appreciated!! Its not easy but for me it was the right thing!! You have super long hair to no?? How is yours getting on? xxx

            1. Oh that’ll be fab!! Have you conquered the messy top know?? I could never quite get there and to this day makes me cry!
              It’s nice to see the shorter hair healthier looking, well mine for sure! But I still look at yours and think….. I want long hair again ahahaha!! xxx

    1. Thanks my love!! So happy with it! The first few days where shaking but after a trip to super drug and a crap load of product I love it!! xx

    1. Aw Shucks!! Thanks my love! Not gonna lie… still getting used to it! Am feeling like it was the right thing tho!! My hair looks so healthy its not even funny 🙂 xxx

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