Current Obsessions….. February 2018

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Current Obsessions….. February 2018

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Does anyone else find it strange to be writing 2018? I’m still writing Happy New Year in my work emails to…. Need to pop a pin in that! At least it is February…. I thought January was never going to end!

I wanted to start a new monthly post of what I currently obsessing about. Show you guys a bit more of what makes me tick and hopefully find someone else whose sharing my love of things!

Kinda like the If we were having Coffee posts… I do love reading them. A few of my fav bloggers are doing them and I’m liking having a deeper nose into their daily lives.

So, this is my take on it!


Anything Jay Crownover right now. I know I know, extremely intelligent and all that nonsense BUT I just can’t put her down! I’m loving her everything right now! Crownover’s work is light, fun and exactly what I need right now.


Dry January has been kicked, and I mean fully booted out of this house and I’m sipping on Morgan Spiced like its going out of fashion.


Liquid Eyeliner…. I know, I’m a little late to the party! On one hand, I’m so happy to have been introduced to it. On the other hand, IT IS THE SPAWN OF THE DEVIL! I am currently going though a love hate relationship. When I get it, it’s a beautiful, soul warming, unending joy. When I don’t get it…….. that Tasmanian devil you saw ripping through South East London may or may not have been me….. Just Saying…..

Currently practising / playing with Soap and Glory Supercat carbon black extreme eyeliner pen. I know, I know, it’s not even a difficult one. I WILL nail it!


I have recently found Spotify. Oh my…. It’s my new favourite everything! David Gray has been on repeat this past week. A complete throw back for me but loving his Best Of Album right now! This Year’s Loving is one of my all time favourite songs!


Derry Girls

Image Source

Derry Girls is the semi-autobiographical sitcom based on the life of Lisa McGee, who has previously written shows including Being Human.

It follows schoolgirl Erin and her best pals Clare and Michelle as they survive life in the 90s during the times of “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland – where they were surrounded by British Army checkpoints and peace walls.

But the Troubles are the least of the groups’ problems as they face up to their love lives, being cool and dealing with school. 

Tilly Pearce

So there ya have it, my current obsessions. What have you guys been obsessing over recently?



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12 thoughts on “Current Obsessions….. February 2018

    1. Thanks!! Hope your doing well!! It’s bloody freezing here in London so well not impressed 🙂
      Its a new show on Channel 4 about Derry in the North of Ireland during the troubles. Its done in a comdey style, light hearted and just very witty!! You should try and get a look at it!! xx

    1. Ouuuu thank you for sharing this, I love these kinds of posts, why I wanted to do something like it! Always on the hunt for good books 🙂 xxx

  1. Ohhh I love David Gray, one of my all time favourites. My current obsession is a book called You Do You, and tv wise a Netflix series called Sinner. I love music, all kinds of music, but Im very into Coldplay at the moment. Fab post xx

  2. I like this post! It’s nice to know what you’re into every now and then 😀 I adore eyeliner in general, but it’s such a pain to work with! If you get it right though, it looks so good 😀

    1. Hey!!! Hope all is well with you!
      I went off eyeliner for such a long time as I have small eyes… I then got the liquid one for Christmas and decided to play around with it and fell back in love! Still trying to figure outhow to get it on the first go tho 🙂 xxx

    1. Hey!!! Hope your doing well!!
      Tell me about it, when it works I LOVE it!!! Any tips or tricks to help me out with getting it good first time? xx

      1. Hope you’re doing well too 😊 if I make a mistake with the eyeliner and go out of the line I use make up remover on a little cotton bud to make it look smoother and clean up mistakes 😊 xx

        1. YES!!! I have found this out the hard way, its like a mini eraser! Love it! Helps at the end to to make it a bit more perfect!! xx

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