Converse High Tops… Re-Vamped and Cut Down….

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Recently I cleared out my shoes…..


Heels that were long past repair, dust bunnies the size of the cats, Shoes I forgot I had…. And a ton of high top converse bought ages ago! Ok 3, but still, where was I going?

I used to wear them loads a few years back. Now, after wearing them out for a day, I felt out of touch with them. I really wanted them to be shorter. Shorter would work better with the style I have now.

So, I perved on Pinterest….. Stalked youtube…. googled it… Got a game plan together and taaa daaaa…..


Shorties 🙂

So here’s what I did:

Remove the laces, of absolute FEAR of cutting them 🙂


Cut them where I wanted them to be. (Needed to ditch the symbol but hey ho)


Cut the tongue to be the new size


Got out the sewing machine…..

So here’s were the fun started. I stitched up the new tongue to make sure it didn’t fray.


I then proceeded to start stitching the rim of the shoe with the machine. Bad Idea!

I broke my needle……… Bummer


In the end I hand stitched them, scared of breaking another needle. Maybe I didn’t have the tension right, or maybe I did it to fast. The hand stitch wasn’t my best but they turned out better than I expected.




I’ve since worn them out twice this week and chuffed with myself! Before I cut them down they were in the pile for the charity shop. My thoughts on it were we’ll see how it goes and if it fails, it fails. No loss. Now I have a new pair of shoes I can keep wearing. and a new trick up my sleeve! A broken needle but a lesson learned!

Have a good weekend! I’m spending it with my little sister exploring the city 🙂


Mrs. S.




5 thoughts on “Converse High Tops… Re-Vamped and Cut Down….

    1. Me to!! Was sad high tops didn’t love me back, hence my DIY moment 🙂 Still wearing the now though nearly a month later! #chuffed. Thanks for stopping by xxxx

    1. I know right! It only gets put in the gone pile as a last resort! Saw your post on turning leggings into a top…. next project, thank you! Great idea! Thanks for sharing xx

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