Cleaning Make Up Brushes….. The Layman’s version

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Bobbi Brown

Cleaning my makeup brushes is a new thing for me. I used to leave them for ages and if they got bad I’d just replace them. In the last year I have upgraded my brushes and paid a nice price for it too! Throwing them out is now NOT an option! Plus Mammy Mc found out I wasn’t doing it enough for her liking and guilted the hell out of me.

Queue how to clean brushes that doesn’t cost the earth….. Where does one look for this…. Pinterest naturally. When in doubt and all that….

Recently I came across this link for cleaning makeup brushes. The plate trick looked easy enough. Any excuse to get the glue gun out!

Makeup Plate

The creative skills could have been better I’ll admit, but this bad boy took less than 5 minutes to whip up. The plastic plate is from Tesco, it came in a set of 4 and cost £1.50. What’ll I’ll do with the other 3, god knows….. It did take a whole stick of glue for the gun, wasn’t expecting to that!

Before the plate, I used the palm of my hand. I would squirt a bit of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo onto the brush, wet with warm water and massage into my hand. The first time I did this it took AGES! Prune hands and a bad back leaning over the sink….

Makeup Shampoo

With the plate, much quicker!! Same set up, warm water and the baby shampoo just no hand. Delighted with how they came out.


Another winner from Pinterest! I’ve saved it on my Beauty Board if you want to check it out for yourself!

Let me know what works for you! Anything that saves on this chore is very welcome 🙂


Mrs. S



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