Chunky Monkey…. Losing the Will on Shifting the Pounds….

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Hey….. 🙂

I hope everyone is having a good week so far! For me this week has been a little tough.

I’m not sleeping great and I’m reaching for comfort food a little too much for my liking. Since the wedding I have now put on over half a stone! I’m still fitting into my clothes, just a little more snuggly.

I first joined Weight Watchers when I was 17. We had the Debs coming up and I wanted to shift the pounds. I joined with my bestie and we had each other each week and it was fun. A little us time and something we did together. Here in London I dont have a buddy to tag along with. It really is harder on your own….

Over the years I’ve since quit, rejoined, quit, rejoined… You get the idea….

Surrounded by this in work….. Yep….

3 years ago I was in quite a bad place and hated every picture of myself. I was losing confidence and just wasn’t happy. I decided to go back to it and stick to it. I then got engaged and had another reason to keep going. I found with the wedding I had a milestone to reach, a goal was set and that’s where I was going. I was committed and focused and had the dress that needed to fit!

Now, post wedding, there is no more dress, no more big day and a hell of a lot of temptation.


In November 2016 my regular meeting closed. This was heartbreaking as my leader was amazing! It was also two minutes from the house. I had no excuse! I found another one a bit away and not as convenient but stuck at it. I could learn to love another leader…. That then closed. On to the next…. I mean I’m not in the back hole of no where, I’m in London. I slogged it out and got what I needed regardless of the extra miles involved.

Come January though, wedding over and back to the grind stone, I was not prepared to get 2 buses, after work on a Tuesday…… This one was also much later than the other two, que Hangry Snicker’s ad…..

I threw in the towel and said it’s fine, i’ll just do it online. I mean i know what to do right?? Nothing came in the post other than the receipt. Not sure if this is right or that they knew I had all the info from my previous class… kinda pissy on that one.  I just felt out of the loop and a hell of a lot of respect to the people who nail it online. I just can’t find my mojo on this! My online membership is now as useful as a chocolate fire guard….

Easier said than done….

I have upped the anty  in the last two weeks and started following more blogs, instagram users and snappers re: food and weight loss. They ALL seem to be doing Slimming which is kinda annoying and not really a like for like comparison to WW but something has to give! Other wise we may have to rethink the size of the house…..

Anyone on here a WW or a SW follower? Anyone done both to help compare? In my WW meetings they used to go on as if SW was the devil…. Not sure if this has tainted me on it or is making me cautious of joining.

Trying my hardest to unlove that latte and go back to Americano’s….

I’ve heard the success stories of both and they clearly work but its finding out which one works for me. With work and being surrounded by food daily it just gets too much and cracks appear and there I go again with another ruined day….

Still no meetings conveniently placed around me, this could just be me being negative though…. And a lazy git…..

Anyone else feeling like this? Just meh…. and blaaaaa….. and plain owl lumpy and grumpy???

You see so many people online and your like how? You snap what you eat and I’m like if I even looked at that I’d feel it on my hips…..

I also HATE the gym. I will not go! I walk a good bit as part of my usual daily routine and mostly hit my 10,000 steps. I make most of my meals myself from scratch and would say I’m not the worse but hey ho here I am.


(I tell myself diets are like 90% food intake anyway… Plus you can’t outrun a bad diet)

I’m going to look into another meeting as this online stuff is not working. Tried and tested and EPIC fail! I know what I have to do, its the doing it part thats the problem. I need support.

I’m back on my water intake and doing well on that…. Himself can now be heard asking himself where i’m going with the amount of loo roll we are now going through 🙂

I’m still down 2.5 stone from initial weight loss, that is never coming back on! There’s one piece of silver lining! Im still in my size 12’s. All is not lost!

Its just making sure I catch it before those 14’s are looking like a good idea!

If anyone is on a plan they find is kicking ass and taking pounds please get in touch! I’m trying to be in the mind frame of open and positive!

For anyone who mentions the nasty gym word or anything like that… We can no longer be friends 🙂

I’ll keep you posted on how I go…..


Mrs S.



2 thoughts on “Chunky Monkey…. Losing the Will on Shifting the Pounds….

    1. Thank you!! Easier said than done but very good words to live by! Thanks for stopping by, delighted you like the blog, having a great time growing it 🙂 xxxx

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