The Books I Love To Read Over and Over Again

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The Books I Love To Read Over and Over Again

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one ― George R.R. Martin Click To Tweet

For as long as I can remember I have read books. I just love getting lost in one and its a huge stress reliever for me. Last year I didn’t read half as much as I wanted. A promise to myself this year was to get back into it.

They say those who read often write better. Reading different things and broadening your genres really helps you pick up on better expressions, helps you with tone and descriptions and all in all, I think, makes you a little more well rounded in written form.

Back in 2012, I made the move over to Kindle. I am that lady who commutes and has her nose in a book. My handbag loves the Kindle as its lightweight! I do like to mix things up though and every now and again you’ll find me with an actual book. These actual books are most likely the ones I read over and over again.

Here are the books I can never grow old with and keep me coming back year after year. They are also the most battered and bind broken! Aren’t they always the ones that are the best on your bookshelf?!

Harry Potter

Harry Potter reminds me of my childhood and my bestie! We would queue for these book releases! I don’t think any other book has ever had me so excited. It’s one of those books that you can just get lost in and its extremely comforting. This one I turn to when I’m homesick! I also have a soft spot for J.K. Rowling, I find her story to be very inspiring and one of hope.

The Hobbit

This is another one from my younger years. My dad gave me an old school copy of it which I still have sitting on my shelf. I don’t think any other journey has ever had me as captured and involved. This one brings out the adventurer in me!

Leave Your Mark

This is a book I turn to quite a bit when I’m feeling a bit all over the place. This book gets you in the right mindset to tackle your working life, social media dreams and get you motivated. I’d recommend it to all my blogger and non blogger friends trying to find a balance in this crazy social media world we live in.

Gone with the Wind

Scarlett O Hara is that character that throws me each time I read it. Depending on my mood, where I’m at at any given time of reading it, each time I go back into this book my opinion of Scarlett changes. Sometimes I’m for, sometimes I’m against. Its just a magical read that takes you with it.

Cherries in the Snow

Emma Forrest is a writer introduced to me by my English teacher in school. He brought in articles she wrote called generation X. Her writing seemed to speak to me and from there I wanted to get my hands on anything and everything she wrote. The one that stands out is this one. It’s an easy read, not to heavy at all. About a girl who names make up for a living along side her best friends. I love to dip in and out of this one as it reminds me of a time when I was younger, at home, surrounded with my girls.

Anything Nell

I have mentioned Nell McCafferty on the blog before. She is a Irish feminist writer who brought to light a number of events that happened in Ireland. Recently the Kerry Babies tradagy has come up in the news and with that out has come the book for me to dip back into. I love reading her works and seeing have far we have come as Irish women but also how much further we have to go.

So there we have it, the books I reread over and over again. Have you any books that you love to pick up over and over again? Let me know in the comments below!


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    1. Hey!! I haven’t seen the movie now so i’m not sure on that front but the book is pretty gripping! I got lost in it when I first read it and just loved everything about it! I would highly recommend you getting your hands on it!! xx

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