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You Get What You Work For, Not What You Wish For – Unknown

Tips From a Newbie – Blogosphere Magazine PIN

This little series is well and truly on it’s way. I’m loving it each week and hope you guys are to! If one person can take something from these posts then I’m over the moon with that!!

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This week I wanted to talk about a Blog Magazine I recently subscribed to – BLOGOSPHERE. 

The lovely Nikki told me about this subscription. Previously I had never heard of it! When we where at The Blogger Festival we also saw a stand for the magazine. So, seeing it twice in the space of two weeks, I decided I had to have a deeper look.


Blogosphere – a print publication written by bloggers for bloggers – launched in October 2013”

Blogosphere Magazine 1

The magazine subscription is £30. This includes:

4 issues of the print magazine every year with 190+ pages

Save 7% with a lowest price guarantee *

Be first to read every issue, before it hits the shelves

Direct delivery to your door with FREE UK shipping

Free 32-page events supplement

Exclusive Subscriber Rewards including event alerts and posters

Blogosphere Magazine Edition 13
Louise Pentland

I started my subscription from the previous magazine so my first delivery included Issue 13 – Louise Pentland AND Issue 14 – Hannah Gale.

Blogosphere Magazine Edition 14
Hannah Gale

From the moment I hit purchase I was eagerly awaiting the package. I was not prepared for how big they where. I just assumed it would be a standard mag size – WRONG. They are huge!! AND if you think they are ad heavy, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find they are not! I could not wait to crack into them!

I have now read both cover to cover and could not be happier with them.

Blogosphere Magazine Flick Through

They include Interviews, blogger stats, social media tips, fabulous pictures and so much more. I highly recommend sitting down to read them with a pen, pad and a stack load of post its!

Not interested in a yearly subscription?? Don’t panic, you can buy them in store singularly. Check Stockists here.

Most niches are also covered and this is how the magazines are divided up. Beauty, Lifestyle, Travel, Fitness, Fashion, Photography, Parenting, and Food. If your blog covers any of these you need to check it out. The best thing for me was being able to have these bloggers listed out for me so I could check them out and see how I was doing in comparison. (I Know, I know, not something I should do BUT we all are at it…. I’m blaming human nature)

It makes finding bloggers you relate to and niches you don’t necessarily cover but like to keep up on very easy.

Blogosphere Magazine Flick Through 1

 I’d also like to mention is the quality of the magazine, it’s super rich and luxurious. The paper quality is to die for!!

I am so glad I subscribed and found this arm of blogging. I love how it’s physical, I can hold it and be “offline” with it. It’s another tool in my blogging arsenal. By being a subscriber I can also find out about their meet ups and events. Sadly I’ll miss the next one as I’m away which is heart breaking BUT I’ll make sure to keep an eye for the next and make sure I’m in London for it.

The Next Blogosphere Event:

Blogosphere Christmas Festival – December 16 @ 10:00 am 

Have you guys heard of Blogosphere before? Is anyone else a subscriber??

What do you think??


9 thoughts on “Blogosphere Magazine

    1. Are you UK based my love? If so next time your in WH Smith has a look out!! I actually found it really good to just read interviews from fellow bloggers. I didn’t get much in the way of businessing up the blog but more ohhhh is that how you did that or wow I’m not so far behind you kind of thing. Really enjoying it and looking forward to the December issue!! xx

  1. I think I had heard of this magazine a few months back somewhere, but I never took the time to actually research. It is so interesting seeing how your stats compare to another – even though I always say never to compare. But I like that the magazine contains so much information and not so many ads. It is so frustrating when you spend £5 on a magazine and 90% of it is advertising. xxx

    1. Oh you should so check it out if you see it! You can get it in the UK from WH Smith. even have a flick through if your in there!! I’m chuffed with it! It was nice to see some figures to get even an idea where i fall ya know. Sometimes its hard to know whats good!! I mean some weeks i could be doing stellar and not even know it!! xx

  2. I’ve also been interested in this magazine but never actually had a magazine subscription, and as of right now it’s not really something I’d be wanting to spend my money on (I’d rather waste it on beauty and skincare 😂). But I didn’t know you could just pick them up in WHSmiths, think I’ll be doing that!! 😊😉

    1. I get you for sure!! I’m a book person so initially I thought it was a rag mag and was not at all bothered. Then I had it in my hands and that sealed the deal for me! Do check it out even if its just to skim through it in the aisle!! Let me know if you do see it!! xx

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