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“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you”

This little series is well and truly on it’s way. I’m loving it each week and hope you guys are to! If one person can take something from each post I’m one the moon with that!!

Here’s a list of what I’ve covered so far:


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This week I wanted to talk about Blogging Books!

This last month I have purchased a number of blogging books online. One in particular that has blown my mind is The Million Dollar Blog by Natasha Courtenay Smith. Initially I was dubious about this bad boy. I didn’t know what to expect and felt a little dubious it could be as good as all the reviews said it was.


Million Dollar Blog Book Cover - Natasha Courtenay Smith


This book has given me a notebook full of ideas, inspiration, blog feedback and instructions. I thoroughly could not recommend it enough!

The book is divided up into two sections.


As you can see it’s not just for people starting out. I took a lot of information from the PRELAUNCH that I wasn’t expecting to! As I have already launched my blog I thought I’d skim this section quickly. I didn’t…. Do not be fooled and make sure you have your pen and pad on hand from the get go!

The chapters include numerous interviews of top bloggers, across niches and at varying levels of success. They are inserted throughout the chapters when most effective. For me these where amazing. Hearing it from those who had walked down the same path was exactly what I needed. They told it better than the author and I admired Natasha for this style of writing.

Quote by Natasha Courtenay-Smith

After reading it through from start to finish, I took away from it one major thing. EVERYONE starts at the bottom. No-one grew their blog overnight into an empire straight away. Put in the hours and the work will pay off! I’m more determined now then ever before!

Here’s a link if you fancy purchasing it, with a free chapter available to download if you sign up to Natasha’s setup. This is not an ad nor am I being paid to promote the book! This is completely my own opinion and yep, I purchased the book myself!

Has anyone else read it or heard of it!? Hands down its been the best £9 and 99 pennies I’ve spent this summer on my blog. I also believe that if ten bloggers where to read this they’d each walk away with different information. It covers everything you could possibly need for growing your blog.

Is there any other blogging books you’ve read and thought was helpful? Do let me know below!


7 thoughts on “Blogging Books: The Million Dollar Blog

    1. I really enjoyed it! I had seen it knocking around for a bit and finally got it! I had a great time with it but I have been enjoying looking at the admin side of blogging lately 🙂 xx

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