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Some say Shoreditch has had its day, that London’s trendy brigade have moved on. If you go to Brick Lane Market, though, it doesn’t look that way. The weird and wonderfully dressed hordes keep coming to the rough triangle made up by Old Street, Great Eastern Street and Shoreditch High Street, packing into ramshackle bars and independent shops. Despite the spread of affluence, much of the area maintains its original gritty, urban edge; many of the walls and shop fronts are plastered with graffiti. Of course, for many the grime is all part of the appeal – if you want a big garden and posh schools, move to Muswell Hill. – Timeout 

Walking Tour Bird

Walking Tours in London are one of the most popular tourist attractions in the capital. These tours cater for all, from Harry Potter, London Pubs, Jack the Ripper, the Beatles and so many more.

Alternative Tour – Walking Tours is one of these tours and focuses on one of my favourite areas of London. This tour is a relaxed, fun and information packed tour of East London, specifically focusing on the areas of Brick Lane, Shoreditch and Liverpool Street. Known as the creative hub of the capital, it is an area full of colour, variety and buzz.

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Even though we are the original London street art tour provider, we believe that the art on the walls is just the tip of the iceberg. We aim to go much deeper by giving insights into the interesting historical events, and the vast array of cultures that have made this exciting part of the capital what it is today. – Alternative London

How to Book In

Your going to love this, it is so easy anyone can do it! Visit their page, check out which tour is on which day and book in!


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Some tours are “free”, tipping your guild at the end at your own discretion. Some are paid for with a fee of £10 per person.

The original Alternative London Tour. We keep the price of this tour low to ensure it’s accessible to everyone. However, we encourage you to tip your guide if you enjoy your experience with us! – Alternative London

On the Day

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You are advised of a location once booking is complete. Arrive on time or a bit before if you need to grab some water for the journey. The tour is outdoors so come prepared for London weather! On the day we also got a text message to confirm our meeting point and time which I thought was pretty handy.

On the Tour

Walking Tour Man

The tour we picked was The Alternative London Walking Tour.

This is our original tour which was established to showcase East London’s incredible creativity whilst giving insights into important historical and cultural events that have made the area what it is today. – Alternative London

Each tour has a guild who is fiercely in love with the area. You can’t help but fall in love along with them. Each group is kept to a minimum number so questions and interactions with the guild is possible and even encouraged. This is not a monotone, in and out tour, it’s completely personable and interactive which we loved.

Walking Tour Perfume

We employ artists and young creatives as guides who are able to give tours for income whilst concentrating on their creative careers. – Alternative London

You are bought on a journey of history, art and true passion. By the end of the tour you wanna just go back and do it all again for fear you missed something! Our guild told us of the artists who painted the art and had a vast knowledge of all the different styles around the area.

Walking Tour Turtle

The original Alternative London Walking Tour is between 1.5 hours – 2 hours long. Make sure to wear comfy shoes! Our meeting point was the Goat statue beside Spitalfields Market just minutes from Liverpool Street Station.

The Goat

If you are visiting London or even if you are a local like us I would highly recommend these guys. We are already thinking about our next one!

Have you ever done a walking tour?


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  1. Walking tours are great! I did a couple when I went to Dublin, and I did a London one when some friends came to visit who didn’t want to do the usual tourist things! Sounds like you had fun!

    1. Ive been on a few in Dublin to and it was fab for me being a local, seeing things I would have normally kept walking past 🙂 I feel they add another level to a city and getting out and walking it gives you time to appreciate it all!! xxx

      1. I felt the same in London. I mean, when you’re rushing around getting to work or getting home, you don’t always take the time to stop and appreciate what’s around you. It’s different when you’re showing other people the city!

    1. That was my favourite part, and learning more about the artist! Most days I see it and keep walking never thinking of everything else behind it. This tour made me stop and think more about it and have so much more admiration for these artists for sure!! xxx

  2. I absolutely love Spitalfields and that area of Shoreditch! So much art everywhere you turn, it’s so inspiring. i can’t believe I’ve never done a walking tour before, have to get round to it soon xx

    1. I love it, roaming the streets and getting lost in this area of London is always the best day out!! Do, it was so educational for me and gave me an even better appreciation!! Think the Harry Potter tour will be a next for me, its just the thoughts of queuing at KX for the photo that puts me off! Have you ever seen those queues for the barrier photo?? Mental! xx

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