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My Wedding Skin Care Prep


I regret taking such good care of my skin…… said no-one ever!

Last June, after having ticked off many items on our wedding planning list, I finally came round to wedding skin prep. With 6 months to go I thought I had buckets of time! Yep, apparently not. Lots of people looked at me like I had 7 heads, others, similar to myself, skin care whaaa??

Lots of places online say you should start straight away. Others say from when you were born!!! It’s hard to know, well for me it was. Here’s a outline of what worked for me and how I got on.

Before I started my wedding skin prep I didn’t really have anything set in place. I’d remove my makeup daily (ok practically daily), I’d moisturise and the odd time I’d use a face scrub. Simples…..

My Favourite Face Scrub! Here!

I always thought I had dry skin. I, in fact have combination skin. I would recommend finding this out before you go buying anything as most products are directed at different skin types. If you know yours, with confidence, life becomes a little easier. So, I told all of this to my makeup artist, and asked for her expert advise. We came up with a plan that didn’t freak me the hell out and I got cracking.

No 7. was the brand I decided to go with first. It’s really easy to access, semi budget friendly and a good selection to choose from. They almost always have offers to which is an added bonus.


So I kept the receipt, as I thought keeping EVERYTHING wedding was the way to  go 🙂 I went to Boots in Stratford as they have a large one there. They also had people on hand to interrogate about all their lotions and potions…..

It’s handy for this as you’ll be able to see how long everything has lasted me! This is dated 29th Aug 2016.

The products I picked up and started with were:

Micellar Water – I use this as a makeup remover and it works a treat. How I survived without it before, I have no idea. Nice and easy, quick and just plain handy. As I wear make up every day this is the product I go though the most. I use it both day and night.

Depending if it’s on sale or not, no more than £6. I find it better to go for the larger one as it works out a little cheaper in the long run. They sell it everywhere now.

From Boots here…

Toner – This is one of those products I know I should have been using all along but just never bothered with. This slotted in nicely with everything else i was using. Using it in conjunction with everything else, I now feel it working / tightening me up. I go through a bit of this, like my mineral water. I originally got the No. 7 brand. I then got the Nivea one. This was simply because it was on offer and cheaper at the time. I do prefer the No 7. so will be going back to that one once I’ve run out. (The No. 7 ran out mid December so it lasted a good 3 and a half months) Below is what I’m using now but the No 7 one is here.

From Boots here…

Eye Cream – I was quite sceptical on this one at first. I had never used one before and thought it was for people older than me. Boy was I wrong, love this little beauty and it lasts AGES! I’m still using the first one I got and will be repurchasing it.

From Boots here…

Serum – This one was recommended to me by the No 7 rep that day.  Still not sure how I feel about it. I do like the idea of a serum so I will be looking into this product further with other brands. For my next one I think I’d like a oiler one, if that’s even the word for it. This one is similar to moisturizer in texture. And also possibly one you use twice a week not daily. I use it every other day (it is recommended for every day) and I’m still on the first one!

From Boots here…

Redness Balm – I have quite rosy checks and a redness relief sounded great! This didn’t rock my boat though. I felt I was putting it on for no reason at all. I did give it a good go to, using it for over 3 months. I won’t be re-purchasing this one though. I haven’t given up o this just yet and once finished will look out for another like it in another brand. As I only use it occasionally I’m still on the first one.

From Boots here…

Face Mask – I picked the hydration mask as I am so bad with getting my water intake, any further help I can get is always a winner for me. I love it and try do it at least once a week. A definite keeper for me. It has also encouraged me to look into other masks going forward. I went on so much about this one my mom has now got it and loves it to! Still on my first one, you only need one pump to cover your face and neck area.

From Boots here….

Night Cream – This has become my new best friend, have already repurchased. Love Love Love!

From Boots here…

While in Superdrug not to long ago I found another night cream on offer and thought it would be handy to have another one to try out. It’s not from No 7 either, it’s an Olay one. It’s a firming one which promises to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, maintain its moisture, even skin tone, minimises pores, smooths and evens out skin texture, enhances brightness, and hydrate. Really liking it so far and always good to have a back up option, esp if one is on sale!

From Boots here…

I also use a day moisturizer to, Nivea Soft. Its my favourite and one I’ve used for yonks! I mean if it works, it works!

Cotton Pads – I am now a connoisseur of these bad boys and can spot a naff one a mile away.

So, in the morning, I start with mineral water, then tone, then moisturizer. Apply the war paint and off I go.

At night, I start with the mineral water, tone, apply eye cream, apply serum and then finish with my night moisturizer.

It has added a few minutes on to my day but I can see the benefits. If I couldn’t, I would have jacked it in a long time ago.

One thing I would mention is that it doesn’t have to cost the earth. My first initial purchase was a big hit as I had nothing to start with. But they don’t all run out together and since then I have only had to purchase one at a time. Also do keep an open mind with it, if another brand is on offer, try it out! If it works, brilliant. If not, at least you’ve ruled it out going forward.

My overall verdict is I’m delighted I started something. Something is defiantly better than nothing at all. Lets face it, my teenage skin is truly behind me now. My skin is in such better shape! I have less break outs and my skin feels more softer / glow-ier / healthier. I will defiantly continue my regime. One things for sure, I’m sorry I didn’t look into this sooner!

I have combination skin with rosy checks! Any products anyone else uses with my kinda setup who can recommend anything to try do let me know!


Mrs S.




I have used a lot of links on here related to I am not affiliated with them, I was adding these links to make it easier for you to find them and ££. I am not paid by them to use these links or anything like that. However, if Boots want to get in touch…. 🙂

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  1. Love that fave mask from No.7 thanks for the recommendation on the Oil of the Olay cream, need a new night cream and will give this a go xx

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